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Starlight Co. Recruitment

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In this thread we will be recruiting some new employees into the Starlight Co. staff.

To join you'll have to leave a reply, using a form below with the information, and then we will be getting back to you ASAP.



We do have some slight requirements when it comes to joining Starlight, which I believe most of you will have no issues getting through.

- You need basic knowledge regarding the advertising and marketing.

- You need basic knowledge regarding how to operate in a company, and how to grow as a company.

- Have a microphone, which will make it easier to communicate.


Our available positions at this time are:

President: Alphoni (max: 1)

Vice President: - (max: 1)

Chief Executive Officer: - (max: 1)

Chief Operations Officer: - (max: 1)

Chief Marketing Officer: - (max: 1)

Chief Communications Officer: - (max: 1)

Chief Designing Officer: - (max: 1)

Recruiter: - (max: ∞)

Designer: - (max: ∞)

Secretery: - (max: 3)



Now to the fun part! Here's the form you'll have to fill out in a reply in this thread.



RP Name: 

Forum Name: 

Do you have a microphone?: 

Is it possible for you to join a TS or a Discord server?: 

What position are you applying for?:

Do you have any former experience in this position?:

How old are you?: 

Tell us a little about yourself:

Why should be pick you over someone else?:


Good luck, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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I recommend you add a bit more information as to what Starlight Co. is.

Even though I personally know what it is through our previous interactions, the information isn't included here and it would be difficult for others to understand.

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