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I have joined a new group called the Alpha Military Corporation. They specialize in VIP protection and many other things. They are very organized and I believe that they will be one of the top security companies on Identity. **Info link down below** 

More info:  


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Sir my company Alpha Military Company provides this with trained operatives. Instead of trying to beat a buisness that's been together for a year, why not join us?

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7 minutes ago, Cryogenix3 said:

What positions are available?

For that question sir, I'll refer you to our Director Of Operations, @scootifer

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Hello there :),

My name is Scoot Afferleene, the director of ops over here at Alpha Military Corp. I offer you today a leader role placing you in direct command during operations. Movements, plans, and pretty much anything under the sun during an op is up to you.

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15 hours ago, Cryogenix3 said:



This company is still a work in progress, I just wanted to get the name out there so none else take the name. This company will be similar to the security service ADT. I will provide a much more detailed description soon. 

I can imagine certain business properties needing private security, but apartments and houses do not permit theft by other players. So I can't really think of this as similar to ADT, because ADT offers security alarms to residents as well as businesses.

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Copying and Pasting an advertisement from The People's Revolutionary Party: 


The People's Revolutionary Party [of Identity Island] is currently hiring full-time and part-time security guards, specifically agents that are connected to one firm, to fulfill security-oriented tasks in compliance with the policies of their company AND the demands of The People's Revolutionary Party. The P.R.P. shall ONLY negotiate with firms that are NOT engaging in any business-related contract agreements with other political parties. I.E. The security firm cannot have another political party, including any members of their party, as their client.


Employers must:
1. Remain professional with members of the P.R.P.

2. Be willing to negotiate with the Representative of the P.R.P., Damien Malik.

3. Must understand that the security firm/company shall work in COOPERATION with The People's Revolutionary Party.


Agents shall be expected to engage in the following:

1. Guarding private possessions of the P.R.P.

2. Guarding employed or allied members of the P.R.P.

3. Escorting members or allied members of the P.R.P.


Agents must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Be legally and lawfully armed in order to apply lethal force, if necessary, against any lethal threat to members or allied members of the P.R.P.

2. Maintain a very high-quality form of professionalism within the workplace.

3. Must abolish any biases towards the party and/or opposition. The employed agents MUST fulfill duties based on "client-oriented relations" rather than "Party-oriented relations".

The P.R.P. shall respond to messages only by REPRESENTATIVES of their respective firm. I.E. A C.E.O., owner, or H.R. manager rather than a lower-management employee of the company.

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