most violent game

most violent gam  

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  1. 1. what's le most violent game?

    • manhunt series
    • the darkness series
    • super mario bros 2
    • deadsprace series
    • postal series
    • hatred
    • mortal combat series

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super mario bros 2 is the most violent game by far like oh my god mario can go into the abyss so violent almost had heart attack

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Depends what you mean by violent? In this list in terms of "mix of subject matter + blood/gore" etc. probably Hatred. Overall in terms of pure subject matter where "ooh look blood and guts and gore!!!?!?!!?!?!" doesn't = "violence", probably the game Rule of Rose (this isn't counting the super obscure game's I play, like RPG Maker types games and such, because some of those are a bit more violent and disgusting subjects than RoR).

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