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  1. How is module 2 going?

    Ok guy
  2. How is module 2 going?

    Ok but even if you are a moderator, what im trying to say, is that it doesnt prove jack shit. Just because they have a couple of staff doesnt mean they arent low on funds
  3. How is module 2 going?

    Uh no? Just because you say you're a moderator doesnt prove anything.
  4. How is module 2 going?

    @dagtagYou dont know this do you? Sources please. It could be dried up and it could be good we have no clue as of yet.
  5. Progress on my appartment

    Why is there a filing cabinet in the bathroom
  6. Posts getting locked

    Yeah thats what i'm talking about ^
  7. Posts getting locked

    What's going on? I've seen numerous posts that criticize the game but are civil and friendly getting locked why? Are they that sensitive or something? smh..
  8. Apartment not staying modified

    I have room 408 woo
  9. Sorry bud but thats called game development shit happens, its a pre-alpha
  10. What happens when called 911?

    Someone calls 911 and if theres someone on duty as dispatcher they will pick up the call and tell what emergency services to respond but if there are none online than a bot does it. Then cops will get a call from dispatch on the radio

    Beachball come homeeee
  12. ur new cheif

    @GenesaiBecause you're taking it so seriously
  13. When ?!

    That's not what he asked?