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    Beachball come homeeee
  2. ur new cheif

    @GenesaiBecause you're taking it so seriously
  3. When ?!

    That's not what he asked?
  4. i actually am in a discord of lgbt nazi commies
  5. Still no updates?

    I think that the whole update is just going to be the module being released instead of them updating the tracker idk tho
  6. Police pursuit squad.

    Also how the fuck would people just magically use a all seeing eye to know theres a roadblock around the corner? @Mikusiodaktyl
  7. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Why don't you read the it @ECorp Don't act so full of yourself..
  8. Why the salt? It's just a game bro. I know you're german or something but don't go full nazi okay?
  9. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Whats the point of this if you can just go over to about --> modules --> Town Square then scroll down and check instead of coming here? Not trying to be rude
  10. It's called balancing, please chill the fuck out because no one wants to hear you bitch. The devs decided on these thing because they want EVERYONE to have a good time not just the criminals having fun, y'know? Also criminals can enter their homes they just need to wait for a cooldown after they commit a crime. The reason the devs decided that you shouldn't be able to shoot in your house or rob it because 1: This isn't Gmod DarkRP 2. People would be pissed if criminals 24/7 robbed their homes or vandalised them after they decorated it or put a lot of time into it as @LuckyDucksaid 3. Cops wouldn't be able to catch criminals if they went into their home or a safezone right after they commited a crime 4. To stop trolling 5. This isn't real life its a game nothing would be that close to real life or it just wouldn't be fun Thanks for reading this and have a fantastic day!
  11. most violent game

    super mario bros 2 is the most violent game by far like oh my god mario can go into the abyss so violent almost had heart attack
  12. Strip Club?

    Yeah no nudity in this game, sorry. @Brittknee182
  13. ikea's new segment

    I don't have blackouts, no
  14. ikea's new segment

    True @Micky_Tohmpson