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Which Mafia/Gang will succeed

Mafia/Gang more likely to succeed  

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  1. 1. Which popular and uprising gangs will more likely succeed

    • Langston Mafia
    • Ghost Gang
    • Laprono Mafia (Not sure if that's correct)
    • 300 street gang

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Don't you think you forgot somebody here... You forgot multiple gangs such as us, Black Angels, Men of Mayhem, Left Hand and many more even i couldn't bother to list.

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From what i've seen on the Crime section of the forums the Luprano's (may be incorrect name) look the largest/most active. If that will transfer to the game, time will tell. But I would think so with all the men they have.

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11 hours ago, Ogtrye said:

Ghost gang looks promising since of how they run the gang, it looks like it would be hard to take down. 


18 hours ago, Ex1st said:

Which gang/Mafia seems more likely to uprise more than the others.


Both of you created your accounts right before you posted, both of you have only talked about the Ghost Gang, and both of you only say good things about them... Seems like someones trying to drum up interest in their own gang by creating fake accounts. Next time cover your tracks better @eclipse

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