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  1. Air Vehicles

    They said this about aircrafts "It's entirely possible. For instance, we will have airports in Identity, in case we may change our minds about aircraft ;)"
  2. How will everything be managed?

    I don't even understand who would want to ruin any game. But I heard you can mute that annoying person. Mute them for yourself so only you can't hear them.
  3. I read on Twitter they like the idea of dreams and nightmares. To be able to play in your dream or nightmare world would probably take years. But, it would be an awesome dlc! I hope they consider it.
  4. I think it their should be desert areas without much water so you can get water from a cactus. Or have dirt ramps motorcycles or bikes could go on. An awesome feature to take a picture with your phone in game would be a rainbow after it rains. Will you be able to train a dog to help fight? I would like to be able to put an animal or something else in your car. I think the funnest feature would be having dreams or nightmares when you sleep. For example if you went to bed you would randomly either have a nightmare or a dream. Then you could do anything you can imagine in game since its a dream. Basically you would be in a world where you could do way more things you can do when your awake like flying around with super powers or becoming a dog and infinite more things possible in a dream or nightmare in real life. It would take a lot of work and would probably have to be a dlc. It would just make the game way funner but when your asleep which is realistic. For a gang or a group will their be tree houses? Tree houses that are customizable and more. I think it would be cool to have vandalism or spray paint for that in game. For entertainment will their be juggling or cool tricks you can learn? I think that would be fun to learn or see in game. I read people wanted entertainers. If possible it would be like ten times funner if their could be dreams or nightmares where you can do anything, I would want that so much!
  5. Dirtiness

    I hope its not like altis life cars. I saw someone's car get dirty in about a minute. It usually gets dirt in about a week or less of driving in real life.
  6. Grappling hook

    Not kids, climbing up a building not rock wall.
  7. I read their is gonna be hair physics. But, can you grow your hair, make your hair, or use gel to make your hair and make it stay? I think their should be skateboard tricks people in game can learn and do. Or bike skills/tricks. Like their character learns it the more they do it and they have that talent. If their are those then could you customize them or get a sharkwheel skateboard? It would add to the rp.
  8. Grappling hook

    Specific? The fair.
  9. Grappling hook

    Somewhere, and have you even seen the hook I am talking about. Its a rope with a hook on the end of it.
  10. Grappling hook

    Spiderman doesn't throw his webs on to a building, hook it on, and then climb up. If know one knew this I mean't the realistic kind of hook. The hook you can find in the gamefly gta 5 video thing. I've seen many people use them to climb buildings, not kidding.
  11. apocalypse

    Well, go ahead and be surprised if they add the zombie virus event. They said they might.
  12. Weapon Concealing

    I would really want to conceal a weapon, but it would be a lot more dangerous. It can make you feel more spy like.
  13. apocalypse

    I like the idea too, but I think their can be a better more realistic way. Their could be an apocalypse minigame every Halloween in game where some people join zombies and others choose to fight the zombies. The zombies could have a realistic zombie looking costume with the zombie walking animation if they add that. The zombies could also have more speed, strength, jump height, and more health during the minigame. Or they could just add the zombie virus event.
  14. Writing

    I think writing would be a cool feature. You pick up a pencil then go to a paper and type what you want to write then it does a writing animation. It would be really fun with that and a feature making you able to change hand writing styles. This is a totally unnecessary idea, but it would be a really cool feature to have in the future.