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Found 1 result

  1. Amount of weapons being able to carry has been discussed, but i didn't see much about concealing weapons. In reality you could carry about 4 or 5 guns maximum but that would be highly visible, i was thinking that if you purchase certain clothes they will have a concealment bonus. Like certain clothes conceal certain weapons. For example, if i purchased a coat, i could conceal 1 handgun with this, but can be found if under a shakedown. Small weapons can have a resistance against shakedowns like a percent chance it can be found. Like a PPK Pistol could have a 30% chance of being found, but with the right clothing it could be lowered to 20%. Switchblades could have a 10% chance of being found, but with some heavy clothing you could put it in a concealed spot that makes it undetectable. Also having attachments to weapons lowers concealment such as a silencer. Of course you can just have a pistol strapped to you but everyone can see that and unless you have a license for that police are going to confront you.