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Found 2 results

  1. Amount of weapons being able to carry has been discussed, but i didn't see much about concealing weapons. In reality you could carry about 4 or 5 guns maximum but that would be highly visible, i was thinking that if you purchase certain clothes they will have a concealment bonus. Like certain clothes conceal certain weapons. For example, if i purchased a coat, i could conceal 1 handgun with this, but can be found if under a shakedown. Small weapons can have a resistance against shakedowns like a percent chance it can be found. Like a PPK Pistol could have a 30% chance of being found, but with the right clothing it could be lowered to 20%. Switchblades could have a 10% chance of being found, but with some heavy clothing you could put it in a concealed spot that makes it undetectable. Also having attachments to weapons lowers concealment such as a silencer. Of course you can just have a pistol strapped to you but everyone can see that and unless you have a license for that police are going to confront you.
  2. Weapons

    Hello! what weapons will come in this game? what sort of weapons for the police force, criminals, civs. What sort of weapons will come out ? Melee weapons, long range, short range? What do you guys think or want in the game? Shout it out i want to know..