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  1. James P. Mumblecruster's Art Corporation

    We probably could use some art for in the stores, maybe we can cooperate together later.
  2. Who am I?

  3. (Streetwear Brands) An Idea

    Can you do that? I thought about doing that but at the end just ended with making my own because I wasn't sure if you are allowed to do that.
  4. Cruise Ship

    Yes, with like yachts you can possibly do this I think. It will be hard but not impossible
  5. resist · Streetwear Clothing

    I wish you success with your brand!
  6. Discovery Logistics Inc.

    Can't wait till our cooperation!
  7. (Streetwear Brands) An Idea

    I hope you will succeed with your brand my friend!
  8. Harzar Brand

    The Brand If you have enough money and you are looking for some high-quality clothing, then you are on the right place! We Harzar are selling one of the most luxurious clothes in the world, this means that we have the best quality and wearing it will make you one of the most outstanding people in the street. The clothingstyle Harzar is focussing on is mainly T-shirts sweaters and pants and this is because we want you to look casual and expensive at the same time. About us Harzar was created by @SweetchickenR and @Kwinten in 2017, they began with selling 10 T-shirts per month for a very low price, after some tough months they almost gave up but then they came up with an idea. This idea was to make clothes with better quality then before and make a name by giving some T-shirts to people so they could wear it to actually promote it. After a few weeks the brand was already getting tons of customers and the name Harzar was born. Women or Men's brand This brand is for both genders, we designed our clothes for women and for men. The prices are the same for women as for men too so you don't have to worry about paying more then someone else because of the gender. The size will not make it more or less expensive aswell. Job position left: Ofcourse Harzar can't do it with just two employees, this is why we have jobs available for YOU. Designer / Design manager: As a design manager you will have to design the clothing actually, you can discuss with the CEO's @Sweetchickenr and @Kwinten the designs you have made or you want to make. As a Designer you'll need to have the skill to be creative and create something beautiful. DLI (OUR TRANSPORT): We work together with the best Transport company in the world, it is in fact Discovery Logistics INC. We from Harzar hope to hear from you soon.
  9. Who am I?

    I am SweetchickenR, maybe you know me from the company Harzar. I am a hard working person, this is because I am doing anything to get to the point I want to be!