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  1. New Community Manager!

    Probably nothing
  2. Example of a solid build for Identity

    So yes, this guy.. hahah! Nvidia with freesync and bragging about knowledge im dying a bit here =)
  3. What i don't expect in this game

    You should try ArmA 3 and look for the Alits Life, ArmA life or any other life mod to get an idea of what kind of game this will be. I´d say Second Life is the closeset we can get as for now..
  4. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Just realized you where the one going for a nvidia card and freesync monitor, not even gonna discuss anything about gaming with you....
  5. Example of a solid build for Identity

    I get your point, but thats a WASTE of money, if you think the difference between 1920 with gsynk and 4k is worth it, its up to you. And the fps should ALWAYS be above 100, that is if you want to on top of your game and actually care about your own performance, i know your kind of gamer, i have a couple of friends like you, thing is that they always complain about they load in slower and some other stuff. Comparing PC to consoles, im not even going there, its just stupid. And why are you comparing crt tubes telies with newer 4k monitors? Did you seriously go from a 90´s tv to a new one?
  6. We have a Huge problem!

    Competition makes the best result... enough said
  7. A face behind our screens?

    Dis is DeGoot
  8. Example of a solid build for Identity

    I really need to tell you that 4k for gaming is NOT to recommend, the guy who sold you this just did his job as a sales man, an idiot if you ask me... If you really feel that 1920 isnt enough then go fopr 2560, not above... electronics is like everything else, it gets worn and thats exactly what 4k does... so for your computers sake, get rid of the monitor and get a new one!
  9. Example of a solid build for Identity

    To improve you gaming experience, you have to sell that freesync monitor and get a gsync one which your graphics card support
  10. What will you RP in identity?

    I would probably be an annoying neighbour and a crooked dea officer, depends on the mechanics... i will for sure smoke weed in game
  11. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Why in the hell do you have that monitor with the gfx you are using?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  12. to bad you have to 18 to play the game
  13. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Thanks man! Appreciate it! =)
  14. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    I was thinking about what they said about physique, that they already made tonnes of clothing and such, thanks for thew fast reply Katty! do you have the source or this? Thanks!
  15. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    I have been reading about this game for hours now and im hyped for this! This is something i wanted for like forever, its like the perfect fusion of Second Life and GTA! I do have some questions tho! 1. Cars, do they break and has to be towed to a autoshop or something similar? 2a. If you are wanted and find yourself in a pursuit by the cops, can you "hide" in your house just in front of them? 2b. How does the arrest work? 2c. Can police officers take you or arrest you on false grounds or is there a certain wanted system that makes it possible for them? 3. As i have read there will be jury duty, does this mean that you can work as a lawyer/attorney/prosecutor/judge? 4. Will you improve the animations and physical structure on the characters, they seem VERY goofy atm. Anyway! Keep up the good job!