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  1. Iced Jewelers

    Hey man I'm looking for a job after spending some time in the slammer... The reason why I was in there is private, but if you're looking for an intimidating security guard and don't mind the fact that I'm an ex-con... I just sent in an application.
  2. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    I agree with Stove, it's all good bro
  3. Founder's Pack

    And if you're meaning apartments that you can buy before the full release, the cheapest package would be the Homeowner's package. It is $90 USD. It will come with a studio apartment, which is my guess for what the cheapest apartment will be in-game, since it's the cheapest to buy from the packages.
  4. Founder's Pack

    From my understanding everyone will have an apartment in the town square module. However, the founders pack does not receive an apartment when the full game is released.
  5. Glad to see you guys are still in business! I remember being here a LONG time ago haha. Good luck!
  6. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    At the time we were just coming up with what we could to extend our activities!
  7. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    You guys are cute
  8. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    With Town Square coming soon we will be having a recruiting spree!
  9. What is your take on the newest gameplay shown on the recent stream?
  10. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    We are still looking for new members!
  11. I hope it comes out when TS comes out, it'd be nice to have a fresh look! I just wonder if all the statistics, such as posts and upvotes, will stay?
  12. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    We've received multiple new additions to the family. Still working on something big in the background!
  13. Just as the title asks, will everything be free in the town square module? Things like tattoos, customizing your character, and customizing your apartment?
  14. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    i3-6100 gtx 750ti 16 GB DDR4 3000 Biostar Z170GT7 The motherboard and power supply were my first upgrades, right now I'm saving up for a i5 and a new graphics card