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  1. Sneaker/Shoe Designer

    I know everything will ne user made in stores but will we have businesses like nike, reebok, alfani and have colorways, designs, for example can we make something close to a dress shoe like Florsheim or a sneaker like Jordans or something.
  2. Can we have the ability to make vehicles and other modes of transportations. Wether it be from scratch or template customization. I just want to say you all are great, bring a life game i waited for so long i literally no joke dreamed of a game like this before the announcement. When i heard about this a year ago i thought it was a joke then i saw you guys were making it and seeing atlis life's success i knew this would be good
  3. Sports

    Can you consider adding sports like soccer 1 basketball 2 football 3. And also can you make the teams and leagues player managed and owned. Full customization of uniforms stadium ticket prices you can watch game at the arena or television or pc. Different arenas so forth.