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  1. Town square module honestly just looks like some little minisquare that's been bought of the unreal asset store. I still have some hope in the game, but after all these years even with a small team, the video felt very underwhelming.

    Dissapointed with the veichle suspension, looks really stiff when he turns, like a cardboard. Was hoping to see more weight on the car and smooth movement like GTA IV. hopefully it's still a work in progress and will be improved.
  3. I was extremely excited when they said in a reddit Q/A that the driving mechanics will be much more like GTA IV instead of more arcade like in other driving games. Now we are close to finally see it! I was dissapointed with Rockstar with how boring they made the driving in GTA 5, but at the same time I can't blame them since they were targetting a bigger audience who happen to like having it less challenging.
  4. Driving Realism?

    When I first heard they actually liked GTA IV's driving and want it to be similar I got really hyped. It's the one thing I look forward to the most!
  5. Driving gameplay, if they show good driving physics I'll be sold
  6. Parachutes

    They said that you would be teleported up in the air at the airport and start of with parachutes, so first of all how is that even realistic? secondly that doesn't answer if you are able to actually get parachutes ingame for later uses like jumping down skyscrapes etc.
  7. Parachutes

  8. It's funny how you would say that GTA has shitty car handling, when infact GTA IV has more realistic driving physics than any other car game up to date. You're probably one of those who thinks that "realistic" driving is something like forza where the cars are practically glued to the ground. I think GTA IV and BeamNG are the only games that actually have realistic suspension and weight to cars. If they actually made realistic driving physics that would be amazing, but their view on "realistic" driving may be just as any other "realistic" driving game out there.
  9. MC Jacket Customization

    Just make it like APB where you can create your own logos and put them wherever you want, shouldn't be that hard.
  10. Crossrealm zones

    As there will only be 300 players per server, and the game will have no npcs in the open world, the world will seem kinda dead. Take SAMP for example, there are servers up to a thousand players, even then the map isn't really that crowded, keep in mind that the map of San Andreas is only 14 square miles, while this will be around 80. Most people will probably be in one of the main cities in identity, which will lead to the other cities being pretty empty, and the wilderness etc being almost completely dead. What if you made some kind of crossrealm zones like in World of Warcraft, where zones that doesn't have many players on it gets merged together with players from other servers to make it more alive. Divide the map into several zones, each city being a zone on its own, small towns, mountain areas etc. Each zone will have a different number of player cap, a big city should have more players than a small town etc.
  11. How much will the owner of private servers be able to mod/customise the game? Like change how car handles etc if they don't like the original.
  12. Trains and methods of transport

    Trains are confirmed although there would be nice to have underground subways in the cities. Doubt that will happen though.
  13. List of ingame feature suggestions

    You don't need air veichles just to have parachutes. Did you even read the post? How does having a hunger games like island where you have to travel with other participants by some ferry break immersion?
  14. "cops and robbers game at heart" meaning it's core element is about cops and robbers. Never said the whole game was a "cops and robbers simulator", maybe you should read my statements closely before responding. With that said, as it's MAINLY about cops and robbers, driving and shooting will be the most important aspect of it, which is why I said they should be focusing on making the driving and shooting as good as possible.
  15. What exactly is Identity all about? Identity is a cops and robbers game at heart, but it is a life simulator in so many other ways; immersion is one of our key focuses. We're catering to role-play in a way that is possibly the first of its kind. Players have the freedom to pursue careers that will impact the player economy in their own unique way. Become a taxi driver, deliver goods to player-owned businesses, fight fires, save lives, argue a case in criminal court, or just hold out your hand and beg for money. Find, or take by force, your ‘identity’!" Do you even read the website?