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  1. I wonder that too because it takes a long time. I had hoped that they would release the update immerdiately in the morning.
  2. Hello everyone, a big hug from Brazil!

    Hi welcome
  3. Hello from Holland

    Hello, i am GreyAlien from Holland. This is the game that I have been waiting for for years. Previously you had HOME on the ps3, And that was really unwise, you could even bowling with each other, and you had your own apartment, but it was not so nice and you did not have many possibilities and they stopped suddenly with home. This game has a lot of potential and I hope that there are updates every week so that people do not get bored and stay away or do not buy the game. I see you on the island
  4. I can look trough walls

    If iam going to crouch and then in the first person i can look through every wall. For example i know that the police officer is barefoot
  5. What will you RP in identity?

    I am going to start a career with the police, and end up as an officer. I'm going to tackle any crime in the city with my colleagues. We will ensure that all cities are free of crime as much as possible. If I do not get you in prison, I will have to shoot you. If I find a drug lab I will pick up the criminal and sell the drugs I ... yes I will become the most famous and best corupte cop there is in Ash Ville
  6. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    Second life