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  1. issues with signing in.

    It says hotfix 2 is live, but it is still happening.

    I have already seen that, I am talking about their website and email..

    It is unavoidable unfortunately, however how much do you think the devs actually care? They didn't even take the time to post a new update on website saying it's out, not even one email. Ashamed, embarrassed, or just they don't care anymore? Maybe.
  4. So...my list of issues

    15. The Dev Tab???? 16. The Console can be used to ban and acquire ip's???
  5. So...my list of issues

    5. Nothing showed that is was loading when it was loading (UI, Play button, Items) 6. UI was a bit clunky 7. Game crashes, even after patch 8. Character slots show create character sometimes, even when you have 3 characters 9. Sometimes the UI doesn't show up on start menu 10. Settings sometimes freezes game 11. Items not showing up from store after stealing 12. Door Blocking 13. Item buying didn't always work (Movie tickets, Clothes, etc) 14. My GTX 2080Ti was overheating
  6. How do I get to my apartment?

    I don't think anyone has gotten to it yet, I think I seen you in Psysin's stream though
  7. Release status update?

    It's Live
  8. Release status update?

    We have people dying of thirst waiting for identity over here: https://www.twitch.tv/kalibrex618 Seriously, if you all want to wait, come chill in the stream. Chill dude
  9. Release status update?

    Once your page has been approved, you will need to use the green "Release App" button that appears on the top of your product landing page in Steamworks at the time you wish to release your title. Approved titles will not release themselves.
  10. Release status update?

    @HARRYGRENADE , How we looking?
  11. Release status update?

    They are letting the whole community down and these streamers https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Identity
  12. Release status update?

    I thought devs/publishers have full control to release https://twitter.com/Identityrpg/status/1068627912604160000
  13. Release status update?

    Devs, could we get a update while we eagerly wait?
  14. 2 Vehicles 1 Garage?

    Hopefully I would be able to steal that dirtbike if it was outside
  15. Another Rant about time square

    Beyond that tracker, I believe the real problem ls too much aspiration. They promise too much, and get little done. Them fearing a bad launch, they seem to end up in that loop of false promises and hype, while not ever content with the current state. Look at scum or any multiplayer game that releases on steam lately. Most of them are just thrown out like garbage, ending up with mixed or lower reviews and a dying playerbase from launch. I personally won't get my hopes up, because the reality is even if they launch it, it will be years til it could be playable and a enjoyable experience in game.