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  1. Police Roll Call...

    Going to be 10-8 as much as possible when the game launches the corresponding modules can't wait!
  2. Hello from The Cold North

    Welcome to the community!
  3. What happens if you die?

    That seems Promising.
  4. Smoking, Vaping

    Would add to the immersion i say.
  5. How detailed will it be?

    As Real As you want bud,
  6. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    Hello, my name is [enter your name here]] Hello sir licens e and registration please?
  7. Identity City - Game

    Structure 26: City's Backup Training Academy for officers!!!
  8. Sorry for reviving such a topic but i think that its good for the people, i mean as in a video game. Most video games involving police or anytime of law enforcement usually ends up badly, like a garry'smod Darkrp bad ending type deal. But i feel that identity will show players that are interested in law enforcement that its actually different from those "cheap replicas" I have a passion to enjoy community members or folk's that are interested in law. This game will perfectly give those gamer's a taste of the pie.
  9. "Police" forum tags.

    Virtual Law enforcement and Real Law enforcement and anyone else out there should just be all labeled the same, since the forums is infact out of game.
  10. Law on underage drinking?

    ^ If This was happening for a situation to let children break the law in video games why not try something different? Such as have an age limit for drinking but have it so children (if still deciding to) drink under aged they would be punished, More role-play could be spat out by this choice!
  11. New site for new community

    I agree everything else should just be from out of character perspective here.
  12. Becoming an Officer

    I could have sworn somebody said something about the position for law enforcement officers being opened to all 24/7.
  13. RP clan of only real LEO's

    We Indeed Can, Might hold off until this game is released. Much of the police or sheriffs force is way too busy to wait for such a game or even get their hands on such a game as this. Identity can only be so popular to a point where the hype halts for many real Law enforcement Officers.
  14. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    Well we work with the OSCO as volunteer's but we do the exact same as the sheriff deputy's . I have basic knowledge for call signs and 10-0 codes, I can manage to handle uprising situations in the time of it being needed while keeping my surroundings in check . Can i apply my skills to this video game? Well im not so sure about that.
  15. Join the law discord now

    Seems Neat.
  16. Motor Cops

    It still isn't a bad idea.
  17. File database?

    I am not sure if this has been touched on already, but i wanted to see you guys had any idea on how deep the criminal/law enforcement system would take on with the whole file manager system if it actually is implemented into the game which it will be but does anyone have any predictions?

    i agree with HERZOG
  19. Chain of command

    I think they have already answered this in another post.
  20. Secret Service?

    Well have to wait!
  21. police positions

    Well you see each server would have there own position's, so simply just asking for police commissioner wouldn't cut it. i would guess that the rule first come first served would take in effect at that time.
  22. Martial law?

    Do you guys think martial law could ever be declared in a server?
  23. Identity Beta, what do you think so far?

    i got rekt thinking it was legit for 23 seconds ;c