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  1. A BIG thank you

    Thank you to the guys who we know are a bit over zealous on the forums. Played perfectly into my hands the actions of others. Excellent work. BYE BYE asylum, you have failed MASSIVELY.
  2. Developers? Are you there? I have a question

    The guy has been BUSTED. How the mods can still stand up for Asylum is hilarious. Glad I popped in whilst in lockdown just to see if anyone had posted, and glad I did. Thanks to RAJA for the company information. If anyone is in the area of Johnny, then he may expect some unwelcome visitors to have a "chat" with him. This is over for me, the end.... i suggest anyone else reading this, gives up and deletes the game/website and remove on discord. ITS GOING NOWHERE
  3. Enough is Enough

    So what was the questions and what was the answers or was it nothing to do with this game? Seriously, if something has been said, no matter how small, don't you think it may have been a good idea to let the community know????
  4. Maybe they are working on the game in secret...?

    Guys, they have gone. Its a SCAM, wake up and ditch the poxy stupid module from steam called Town square.... its over.
  5. No update for 2 month??

    I think this sums it all up to be honest. @LuckyDuckyou're in contact with the devs, you ask for an update and they say they have nothing to report. Seriously..... if I was a moderator with the amount of work you have put in (look at your post count) and you have nothing from the devs.... then I would be handing my moderator badge back. How on earth can the devs say they have nothing to give you to report back to the community that have bank rolled them so far???? Surely, you should be warning these cunts there is and has been an awful lot of discontentment on the forums, which I am sure, they never bother to look as they know the community would rip them apart. Not even a "don't worry guys, we are working really hard on the town module, swat physics or some coding and we appreciate the patience of the community so far. We have implemented xxx we have changed coding on xxx and we have added additional functionality to xxx" How hard is that? Sorry, but @luckyduck, if you don't start quizzing the devs and start shouting, then fuck all is going to happen, as it is now, and the devs obviously don't give a shit about their game, and the people who set them up in their nice office. Its a SCAM..... why can't you see this? If it wasnt, we SHOULD have been given some information, but to say they have nothing is BOLLOCKS mate.
  6. Identity was a Cashgrab

    All truth to be honest, why can't a dev or moderator have the balls and own up to it!!! Its over guys........
  7. No update for 2 month??

    I think the moderators need to be asking questions on behalf of the users here. I asked luckyjames I think his name is to ask the devs for an update, he said it was a good idea, but nothing ever came of it. I wonder if the moderators are even in contact with these guys as this was over 6 weeks ago when I asked. I think most of us are very aware nothing is happening, and if it is, then the devs need to communicate, but without any updates for months and months, then I think in all honesty, we are all fucked and the devs have gotten away with theft. Good luck getting your money back, I have written this atrocious "game" off, or if you want to call it a module, please do so, its never going any further than the town square, otherwise the devs would have communicated that fact by now. Such a shame, a very promising game driven by idiots and conmen.
  8. No update for 2 month??

    https://www.identityrpg.com/community/?app=core&module=members&controller=profile&id=656 Any news @JamesLuck01 ?? Still waiting for an update please.
  9. No update for 2 month??

    Any news on what the devs said when you asked them for updates for the great people supporting this game? Thanks
  10. Links in your original post appear not to be working. Only mentioning it, in case this has been overlooked.
  11. No update for 2 month??

    Heres my constructive question: Would it be worthwhile for a dev, to pop into the forums and post something up about where they are and what they are currently working on? Personally, I would like to see and read what they are currently doing. Please don't say go to Discord, I don't use it and never will, considering this website was the only thing to start with where people could pledge, buy, shop and discuss oriiginally, surely some updates on here would suit people very well? Thanks, if you can answer that, or act upon it and ask the devs to put something together to post up, that would be really really useful, not just for me, but for EVERYONE.
  12. Lack of communication from developers

    I think its quite simple. The reason there is lack of communication is that they are totally focused on getting it right this time. They won't release anything extra until there has been extensive testing and the users actually have something to do and it runs smoothly. They CANNOT afford to release anything now that fucks up, or is 2nd rate as their first attempt was royally fucked up big time. Hence all the shite reviews on steam and people here slagging it all off. Rightly so to be honest, so lets hope what we see next is something we can be excited about and talk about on social media and start spreading the good word about how good this game has progressed and lessons have been learnt from the town square. Be patient everyone, its going to be a few years yet before you see a full game., but it will be good.
  13. Complete lack of direction?

    WOW.... someone just deleted my post when i asked about a time driven goal for when the full game will be released!!!! It wasn't a difficult question at all, but I guess you decided its not important and deleted my post. Great community spirit! Well done guys, way to go.
  14. Question: BETA

    HAHAHAHA..... you seriously don't know what you're buying!!! Best comment ever on the forums. A touch of brilliance, made me laugh out loud real hard
  15. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    .....and there is the problem. Anyone can say anything can't they? No-one is ever going to believe you unless you have proof. Way too many months down the line and not even the elevator bug is fixed. What does that tell you? Like everyone else..... no-one appears to give a shit anymore. Just saying...........