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    If you really think that you would have left the forum and so you obviously dont believe it but are just trying to convince yourself that it's true. Its not a scam so stop trying to convince yourself it is. Complain about what? the slow updates? well for one these devs aren't the first to deliver slow updates. You can email the cm's if you wish to make a complaint about progress being made.
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    Identity is the future of MMO's patience is key.
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    It's a shame most people either forget that the devs stated town square was going to be small or are just too young to understand that game development is a long and arduous but rewarding process. I, like you and everyone else just ignores these scam card callers but a point needs to be made.
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    The developers had already stated that the first module would be just a social module and that it would be quite small. Everything they promised for the first module has been implemented, they even added more things than promised so people would enjoy themselves a bit more in game.