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  1. Programming and Bugs Please Tell

    While I don't care if they say what the tasks are or not, there is certainly a difference between what the tasks are and how the tasks are implemented. Of course, they wouldn't be able to explain how the bug happened, but I hope they understand what the bug results in. Unless the task is something very specific, there is usually a way to very simply explain what it is. I have no clue how their engine and code works, or how to begin to program this, but if they said that they were adding a skipping movement I'm pretty sure I would understand what the task is. But overall, that's not my impression of what OP wanted. I think they were just pointing out how the tracker goes in-depth about the types of art being worked on, yet gameplay and systems, which one would expect to be whole sections of their own, give us no idea of what the tasks actually are.

    It is set to release on the 23rd, but the exact time hasn't been set yet. It will most likely happen during the work day, as that is when people are in the office.
  3. Just Upgraded! (& Poll)

    I am only a founder, but I plan to upgrade to one of the packages that includes a home.
  4. Who is still here?

    Sometimes I will participate for a little bit, but I always lurk on the forums to make sure I don't miss any news.
  5. A Poll About The Future Citizens Of Identity

    How has no one lied about living in Antarctica?
  6. Character evolution?

    I think I heard something about going to the gym to get stronger, but I am not sure.
  7. hair/clothing physics

    I remember in one of the development streams they did a few weeks ago they mentioned having clothing physics.
  8. GameQuiz

    You force a bunch of animals to fight until they pass out so that you can become the very best, that no one ever was.
  9. ingame Arcade

    An arcade would be awesome, sometimes I would play Stardew Valley for the arcade game alone. I hope we would get a reward for beating arcade games or getting a really high score. I can already imagine small tournaments being created, I would probably be awful at them though.
  10. Mac support

    From what I can tell, and this is pure speculation, the first cursor is just the cursor for the game, a cleaner version of the windows cursor. The second is for the computer. Because Macs are very commonly used, they put a mac cursor in for using a laptop/computer. I don't know why it would be used to select the paint color (glitch maybe?), but that explains why there would be two different cursors.
  11. The Hamilton Party

    The new logo is great! It pops out so much more too. Amazing job @Zyrus!
  12. Okay so I've been thinking.

    One big issue with having children is that the player who is the baby would need to be dependant on another player. If the other player isn't online they can't age and they would not be allowed to do much (this isn't SAO where everyone is always online). The devs would then have to make a bunch of clothes for kids and a lot of new models. Then implement a school as well. Sadly, I don't think it is worth it to implement that system. Plus, I don't really want to deal with either 1: A grown man's voice coming out of a ten-year-old or 2: Those annoying high pitched voice filters. Have a great day/night!
  13. Links for Newcomers

    Should work now.
  14. Where do you plan on living?

    Somewhere near the ski resort/retreat concept image, I'd love to own a cozy lodge, with dark wood, furry carpets, and a nice stone fire place.