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  1. I believe that they are working with a company for the servers, I don't believe that we will be able to host any servers, we can rent them out though.
  2. There is another post which addresses this.
  3. It's nice to see the devs are focusing on what matters most
  4. it's nice to really see good proof of development for those who doubt, while also not spoiling much.
  5. The wallet is too far away
  6. I do believe that you can purchase beer, it will probably always be cold. You can get the boys from your friend's list together. Then you can open and drink it. Cheers!
  7. I regret not purchasing a more expensive pledge, but I am too lazy.
  8. Is this from the game? Time for Dynasty to pick out every little detail in the background.
  9. Don't really know who you are, so yeah fake the love.
  10. I am not as active on the forums as I was a few days ago, I think it is more of a loss of time though. I don't think I'll ever stop stalking the forums though.
  11. They probably either exaggerated or don't care.
  12. I remember someone saying that they were talking to Motown (or someone else) about setting up something. The main reason why spam doesn't get removed is that it is the middle of the night for the mods. They are sleeping when all of the spam appears.
  13. Yeah, Identity is supposed to be totally player run... except for boring jobs that no one wants to do.
  14. I wouldn't consider the modules an alpha, I would call them demos of the features that will be in Identity. They will not have the full map, but the assets in the modules will be included in the full map. And I haven't heard anything about cars in the Town Square module, but I would say that no, there won't be any vehicles in that module. Somewhere down the line, the beta will be released which will be the unfinished game, if you bought the $30 Founder Pack or any more expensive pack you will get it, you will also get the modules which are just demos.
  15. I just stalk this post and then make a random response with an image from google.