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  1. welll Depends when they update the website but if it takes a while longer ill give me time so I can double mine too which was the quarter looking to add the other one too make it a half stack drop n see what it do
  2. Everyone gets an Alias Card

    Good work meatbag! HIDE YOUR IDENTITY! use Alias Cards! Now you can rob more and get away with it more! I LOVE IT! Ahh hahahaha! by the way, if you're reading this, and I don't see why not, I, Blazin'Bender, DO not CONDONE nor PROMOTE in any way shape or form, THE COOL CRIME OF STEALING! Now, have you heard my song? which goes LETS GOOOOOOOO ALREADEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
  3. Im ALWAYS Happy to get news and dev updates whenever avaliable ! Thanks to all who make this info avaliable! Saves me the headache of hunting for it! THANKS all!
  4. Create Your Identity

    ... ... Scan complete. Preparing Download: //Downloading . . . Name: Rick Age:Legal Adult From (City, Country): ?, Ukraine //Appearance (Body, Face): ????? To Be Disclosed on a Need to know Basis Attire: Casual Job: Confidential Detail of House: Maybe u be lucky enough to be allowed in ;] I SMELL U!! Of course its gonna be modern industrial with an floor plan... maybe. a split level //Error?? ?? //... No file found??// Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Confidential Personality: Laid back quiet unpredictable :} Corrupted ??/ Funny guy Background:????? To Be Disclosed on a Need to know Basis. ??/ //Error No last known location... :{{} uhoh //Corrupted File //No File Found. TAB// //Hack Failed. You'll never get me END .
  5. With all the news I may just upgrade my pledge!
  6. I hope there is more grey area on this topic as it would be great for a cop to go undercover and commit crimes or have a straight arrow detective be corrupted into crime. oh the possibilities!!!
  7. A request

    By the way, why dont you just give your friend your login info. If youre worried about your password and email, make new generics and switch them in your account settings, then give your friend those login credentials. just saying. not sure what your goal is, but regardless is what I'd do. anyway bye
  8. A request

    Not sure if this may help; I linked a related blog post that has an email that may help with your question. LuckyDuck or HairyGrenade maybe even Motown may pop in later and help you out. Or hit em up. Here is the Staff Directory. Be patient, everyone is helpful. Good luck.
  9. VOIP?

    OH MAN THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Now I need a new headset... Sorry for caps. I really hype myself up every time.
  10. .... a bottle of bourbon on the passenger seat next to some briefcase filled with money....
  11. Hello

    Welcome Silentunion! This game does evoke strong feelings!! And its not out yet! See ya around
  12. Agreed! but then I think IMHO the game dont need no brands, but ANYWAY... PEACE!
  13. IF. Yes. But, the team has stated previously that licencing is way outside budget. Therefore in game brands may be similar, but nothing will be branded. An idea: if brands were to advertise in Identity, we then could have EVERYTHING be branded. but wont Identity then be some kind of marketing tool? Nevertheless a curious topic!