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  1. Thats why you think before spending money.
  2. Might have to do with the recent spam posts, leading to malicious links.
  3. Thread already made. If you would at least talk about what other threads dont talk about it would be good. I hope this thread gets locked.
  4. Same here
  5. Pretty sure you meant some games
  6. Dont home host a server, support the community by getting one hosted by Asylum
  7. I am well aware that the developpers do not want to include air vehicles due to RP reasons, but here are some of my suggestions. 1- Police helicopters: In police chases, these are essential to be able to keep track on a suspect if lost of eye view of a ground unit. 2- Only to transport vehicle, not cargo: Owning a helicopter would be limited to transport people, no cargo sports, or barely (Would make drug running way too easy) 3- Laws: Helicopters would only be allowed to land on designated helipads and not on roads etc. If they would do that, the vehicle would get impounded and pilot could loose his license (Which would be very expensive) 4- Cost. Helicopters would be very expensive, making it very limited to very rich players.
  8. There will be ships. Map is to small for Cargo planes, airliners. It would be quite interesting to see helicopters. No drones.
  9. Will we have the ability to switch between multiple profiles? (If someone likes to RP different characters) On ARMA 2 i often RP'ed different characters (EX: Levi King (Criminal) Rajeesh (Taxi Driver), Father Williams (Preist)
  10. Will we be able to open a cold one with the boys? Had to do it. Know your meme.
  11. 6. The game is pay to play but not pay to win. You will not be able to buy money using real life money.
  12. Yeah. Its like basic coding.
  13. Basically just make a restriction to links inside post title. and keep in a registry all spam links and add them to the restriction so they cannot be posted inside a topic
  14. Stop Putting Caps At EachWords. Btw, taxi drivers alteady take the best route.
  15. Depends on garage size