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  1. I truly don't understand the argument of "It's coming out -vs- It's a scam". Like if you think it's a scam then leave? You've tried your best convincing people of your opinion, but if they don't believe you... they don't believe you. The truth cannot be told, it can only be realized, and this is not me stating the game will not release, because I in fact have very high hopes that it will indeed be released sometime in March. However, I see it virtually pointless to argue over this trying to persuade the developers to what...? say it's a scam. Like I don't understand the main goal of this complaining. It's like you just want to complain. Say for instance, the developers are scamming, you think that if you continuously yell on a forum post they're gonna come out and be like, "Oh no, you got us. All that complaining, you really caught us. We're sorry, but thanks for the million." I just don't see the point. I understand the frustration point of view, it's a genre changing game that would be incredible if it releases and would be so much fun and enjoyable to play, but that's just the thing... it's not out. Until it's out, it's not out. I can't complain about being broke and expect to see a pile of cash at my doorstep the next morning. I believe we just need to realize that arguing is not accomplishing anything and truly all that we can do is wait to see the result of this game. Maybe it is a scam, and I can be proved wrong, but until it's proven-all we have is evidence that a small team of developers are taking on a project that's insanely massive and being subjected to push out content and estimates they feel unrealistic to please and non-please able community. I mean seriously, you all complained for 3 weeks that we're, "never gonna get a video-it's just going to be delayed forever", and you were proven wrong-then decided to complain about how short it was or how it wasn't set to your standards. * Drop your expectations, if it releases-it does. If you don't feel like waiting-leave. Simple as I can put it * Yours Truly, ~~ SummitsEdge // Kyvex Founder
  2. There are many members that joined Late 2016 that are still thriving for the game. I personally have been waiting on the game since around November and have not really had much of an issue with it taking forever. We've seen what's happened when other games are rushed out, we definitely don't want that.
  3. I agree, I have always been on the side that the game will come out, but before the recent improvements I was quickly losing interest in the fact that it would be coming out this year. I'm extremely glad that they're improved their community-relationship. I thoroughly look forward to the future this game holds!
  4. My opinion

    Actually watching really movies in theaters isn't really that big of a task. I would like to inform you that they're not new movies.. they're quite old movies that don't include any copyright actions to use. From there it's just having those movies in the files and being able to call and put them onto specific platforms. I see that you're new to the forum, so I would recommend looking around and learning more about the diverse game and development skills the developers actually acquire before talking about it being impossible, because it's actually not all that difficult. It's just simple game code, yes it's a lot, but it's nothing Rockstar couldn't do. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Grand Theft Auto V actually does have the option to watch shows, movies, news, etc. So obviously you don't know much about game development haha. No salt, just honesty. Have a wonderful day, if you need anything else feel free to message me. ~ SummitsEdge // Mob Mechanix Pres & Founder
  5. I still find it so amusing that people want to continuously rant about all the things we're not seeing. Again, as I've stated in many of the rebuttals to all the stupid "the game is a scam" comments -- this team HAS developed a released add on before. Now while you're saying, oh it's just an add on, they didn't have to make the assets or anything for the game, just easy development work. No, it proves to us that they get things done. Now any of you can say that the game is a scam, and you never know -- that might be the case, but I highly doubt it. The developers have been really trying to give us what we want without spoiling the game at the same time. We've seen screenshots of in-game models, buildings, areas, vehicles -- and while I understand they're pretty old videos -- in-game footage. Now I think we'll be fine waiting until the supposed "Mid July - Early August" to see if it actually comes out. Now again I know that I'm going to get people sitting here like, "oh they're just gonna delay it again". If you've read the Dev Blog #007, you would have read that they state, they only have to finish the coffee building and clothes store and then they're just doing finishing touches and it's done. Now with a hard working team like Asylum, I doubt that will take much time. Let's just relax and see. TL;DR - Games coming out, we have info, stop your f*cking complaining and just be patient. Sorry if I offended anyone, I kinda don't care. All the complainers are beginning to get very tedious and annoying. Have a wonderful day, ~ SummitsEdge // Mob Mechanix Pres & Founder PS. I know this comment isn't going to stop people from complaining, but it sure does ease my nerves.
  6. Someone who likes both sexes wouldn't identify as a gender. That's something different. The only genders there are is boy and girl. You liking a specific one doesn't make you a different gender. it just means you're different. I seriously don't think it should matter who likes who (and I'm straight. No random gender liking shit, just the reg. Boy and Girl.). But the fact that there are sso many different like ways of "what you like" is stupid. It's just like the phobias out there, there are a bunch of pointless stupid ones. Kinda related to this. i'm enjoying this arguement. You're a good writer.
  7. So you're saying... that if I want, I can go around saying, "I HAVE A CHEMICAL IMBALANCE IN MY BRAIN SO THAT MAKES ME A GAY MICROWAVE". And did you just say that sex and gender are two different things? Speaking of two things... gender :D! The dictionary definition of "gender" is as follows; gen·der ˈjendər/ noun 1. the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones). "traditional concepts of gender" synonyms: sex "variables included age, income, and gender" As you can see, "the state of being male or female". Along with the synonym of "sex". There are two genders. Simple as that. There are plenty of other ways to be unique if that's what you're trying to do. Being flying mailbox doesn't make you cool. Sorry. Sorry if I offended anyone, just stating cold hard facts ~ SummitsEdge EDIT: This in no way was mean't to be seen as hate, rant, or banter. I'm simply writing an argumentative paragraph rebutting the claims of other forum members.
  8. From the most recent Dev Blog, number seven, it states that they're currently putting the finishing touches on the game (They're finishing the clothes and coffee shop). While I understand that it might be nice to release the game now, but would you rather wait another week or have to play with a glitchy map... give them time. They do update us, just not as frequently as everyone so deeply wants. How often do we get updates from bigger gaming comapnies like Treyarch? not every day... not every week... maybe once a month. Which is way less than what we already have. The developers stream every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and answer questions, show parts of the game. I just say that we stop complaining once and for all and be patient, because complaining about not getting enough updates isn't gonna change anything. Has it so far? over the past 3+ months people have been complaining? no... it hasn't. So there's no point. I know this one post won't stop the ignorant people that continue to complain they're not receiving enough updates... but come on, this is getting to a very ridiculous point. I want the game out just as much as the rest of you, but you don't see me complaining on every forum post related to the release. Sorry if I offended anyone, you've been offending me for months ~ SummitsEdge EDIT: This in no way was supposed to act as a rant, banter, or hate post. I'm simply posting relevant information towards the claims other forum users have been making.
  9. Well considering that the developers of Identity have had past proof of game (additions) accomplishments, I believe that they will prevail very easily in their endeavors to complete the game. Altas Life was a very very very very very good addition to Arma 3, I doubt they'll fail us with this game.
  10. Well, as far as I know, we will kinda be "slowly updated" to the full release. It's not like we're going to be playing with simply what's released along with Town Square until S.W.A.T. We'll be slowly updated into S.W.A.T. So like it'll be weekly / monthly updates. It's amazing!
  11. And I'll be running around like a lunatic
  12. This thread was created to cast a poll of the general idea of what members believe will be the release era. I understand there have been few threads released like this, but I would just like to take another poll after the recent release of "Dev Blog #007" (not officially listed under Dev Blogs, to view see HERE). In the blog, it states that they have very few things to finish before Town Square release, leading me to change my beliefs upon the release. I personally believe that sometime within the next month we will see the debut of this game (hopefully). What's you're opinion? Fill out the poll above! ~ SummitsEdge // Mob-Mechanix Founder && President
  13. It's for the people that believe they identify as "another gender" other than the only two possible.
  14. Thanks for your continued support and additions to the forums Lucky. We highly appreciate your contributions <33