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  1. • Poll - Opinion on Release (TSM)

    Well considering that the developers of Identity have had past proof of game (additions) accomplishments, I believe that they will prevail very easily in their endeavors to complete the game. Altas Life was a very very very very very good addition to Arma 3, I doubt they'll fail us with this game.
  2. • Poll - Opinion on Release (TSM)

    Well, as far as I know, we will kinda be "slowly updated" to the full release. It's not like we're going to be playing with simply what's released along with Town Square until S.W.A.T. We'll be slowly updated into S.W.A.T. So like it'll be weekly / monthly updates. It's amazing!
  3. • Poll - Opinion on Release (TSM)

    And I'll be running around like a lunatic
  4. This thread was created to cast a poll of the general idea of what members believe will be the release era. I understand there have been few threads released like this, but I would just like to take another poll after the recent release of "Dev Blog #007" (not officially listed under Dev Blogs, to view see HERE). In the blog, it states that they have very few things to finish before Town Square release, leading me to change my beliefs upon the release. I personally believe that sometime within the next month we will see the debut of this game (hopefully). What's you're opinion? Fill out the poll above!   ~ SummitsEdge // Mob-Mechanix Founder && President
  5. It's for the people that believe they identify as "another gender" other than the only two possible.
  6. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    Thanks for your continued support and additions to the forums Lucky. We highly appreciate your contributions <33
  7. Dev Blog #007 Here:

  8. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    It really is! I'm mostly sure that we will receive the module this week, if not -- this month.
  9. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    The emails are currently going out the Kickstarter pledgers first. We will receive them a bit later -- this is why LuckyDuck has posted this here for the community. Otherwise there wouldn't have been a reason  Hope I was of assistance.
  10. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    " We're finalising the interior of the library and art gallery (shared within one building) and adding polish to the environment. Once the clothing store interior is complete following that, the Town Square environment is ready to go. "   SOON
  11. [ Mob-Mechanix ] - Information and Applications

    Yes... "car" help
  12. Hello from Seattle

    Welcome my fellow gamer! I hope you enjoy your time here at the main Identity Community forums.
  13. In my completely honest opinion, I just think that we should stop arguing about whether the game will fail or succeed. I mean, to be honest, you can have your opinion on whether or not it will come out, but complaining about us not getting updates or it not coming out soon enough... won't speed up the development process any sooner. As you can obviously tell, it hasn't over the past few months that people have been complaining. From my perspective, @Motown, has an extremely good development team that knows not to listen to the "rush advice" of the forum users. Now I'm not saying that I'm glad it's not out yet, I too am extremely excited for the games release, but it's something I can wait for. There's a quote that I insert into my everyday life, "Good things come to those who wait for them". Yes, this game is something that many people have wanted to do and failed. Yes, this will spark a new genre of amazing MMO-RPG games. Yes, it MAY fail. However, us sitting here complaining about not getting enough screenshots, or not getting enough updates, or footage... doesn't help. They spend much time writing these updates for us when they could be working on the game. There are the people that complain about not getting updates and that it needs to come out sooner, but them just writing those updates delays the game by a couple of hours. I *LOVE* surprises, and I am completely fine with not receiving updates and the game come out sooner -- because then, all the stuff in the game they didn't give us updates on will BLOW us away! I think I have ranted quite a little while. I understand nothing I say will and can stop the users that will continue to complain about the ever-delayed game. But just think about it for a moment, does it really help... you're just stressing them out   Hopefully I was of some help or relief, Or at least that some of you understood the point I tried to make -- have a wonderful day to all, ~ SummitsEdge // Mob Mechanix
  14. They're giving us their honest estimate on when the game will come out. Sometimes in development, sh*t happens... and that will change an estimate. It's like averaging numbers. Adding in another variable, will change the average.