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  1. is the game out yet

    No, I'd suggest reading through the forums before posting in the "Account Support" section of the forums. If you would've read through just about 5 posts of anything you would've seen the jumble of "When will the Town Square be released?" posts that we have been going through. Please be more cautious next time before posting. No one knows when the game will be out. Period.
  2. [ Mob-Mechanix ] - Information and Applications

    Of course, of course!
  3. Happy holidays everyone! What're you doing for 4/20 (national weed day)!!! Issa mai favorite holiday <3   Stay medicated, ~ SummitsEdge
  4. From reading some of your comments, I'm actually very convinced that it may come out sometime around May 1st.
  5. I apologize if this is in the wrong Forum section.
  6. So, I've decided that this might help some people that are SUPER anxious about the game coming out. In the thread, I want you guys to just write down: • What day the module is gonna release, • Why it's gonna release on that day, • And what you're going to do the first day of play!   This isn't a release thread. Nothing I say here is saying when it's ACTUALLY releasing -- this is all just for fun and a stress reliever haha. I'll go ahead and start.   April 20th: The game has released because the developers find humor in the day 4/20 being national weed day. I'm currently saving up enough money for a nice car and am living life in my hotel. I began working at the local farmer's market and make around 200$ a week (pretty good living tbh).   What're you gonna do? What do you plan?   Have a nice day, ~ SummitsEdge
  7. Hi , this game is wonderful

    Hey, Anatole, it's crazy the amount of impact this game has around the world! France? Amazing dude, beautiful city. What do you plan to do in Identity? I love hearing the stories.   Have a nice day, ~ SummitsEdge
  8. Let's Build a Future Together

    2051: A man named Muke TkyWalker destroyed the superweapon
  9. Starlight Co.

    I've yet to see something like this, very unique and individual idea. I really look forward to viewing this company expand after the release of the first module.    Have a fabulous day, ~ SummitsEdge
  10. Introduction from Nevada, US!

    Sounds like a Floridian based company or Georgia.
  11. James P. Mumblecruster's Art Corporation

    Never seen such a Picasso in my life...
  12. Hello! I'm Alphoni!

    Not a problem, hope to see you around the forums
  13. Hello! I'm Alphoni!

    There is a Discord server that the community uses -- I will warn though that it's an unofficial Discord so there's not a bunch of equal power and regulation in it. More of just a "chat box" for their website (but not in the website :P) (Link expires in 30m)  
  14. Hello! I'm Alphoni!

    Never know, it could be 1-3 months. I wouldn't get your hopes up -- I'm trying not to. They estimated the release originally around the end of March/beginning of April, but it was delayed due to PAX and another event I can't think of at this moment. Hopefully, it is earlier than months tho