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  1. [Guide] Supply and Demand

    Dude this is gonna get some many people started with marketing great guide!
  2. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Hell yeah dude!
  3. :)

    Hey, this company is copyrighted and you wont be able to make this company unless you change the brand or alter the name you cant just steal a whole entire clothing brand cause there will be a cease and desist so just pull a rockstar on this and change the name a bit and font just a heads up
  4. Copyrighted IRL Companies

    I really want to bring Versace into Identity But will it be allowed? I see there is Supreme but I'm pretty sure the actual head of Supreme in real life doesn't know about this aka leading into copyright lawsuit if found out. How can we bring Clothing brands from real life into Identity with out Asylum being sued cause of this. Will we have to alter some things with the brand for it being allowed into Identity like in GTA with car manufacturers?
  5. Car Manufacturing

    Hello! As a fellow member of Identity and been waiting since 2015 but recently started keeping tabs, I've been wondering one thing. As you see my name is Ferrari and Im really hoping that I can be a car manufacturer creating my super cars. Is that possible?