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3D stuff creator career or job

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Hello all,

Virtual Worlds like SecondLife (and now Sansar), IMVU, Warcraft and others... work, grow, evolve and make "economy" thanks to a Big Market of Creations by the Players-Accounts-Avatars-Users.

That can expand faster the possibilities and increase the speed of development.

So, my suggestion is to open the possibility to the users to make stuff... with the supervision-selection of an Art Director, part of the official Team.

That can be a secondary market with limits decided by the Identity Team.

  1. Development will be fast and more creative thanks to the contribution of User-Creators
  2. Economy and Item Shop will grow incredibly
  3. Identity can be more attractive for new user because of the amount of items and possibilities.
  4. Users-Creators will have the possibility to have a micro-economy selling stuff and making money (with a fee to give) and having a great Job-Career
  5. Motivation for User-Creator will be very high and Brand New products will come continuously

That works great with other platforms... so, why not here?

Example: Sansar by LindenLab (the new platform) Team can focus on the development of the platform and the features.

thanks for the attention,


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So ready for this, just give me a list of what I need and where do I send what Iv done.

"If one person can make a difference than everyone should try".

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