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Driving Physics and Handling/Tyre Model


I'd like to start out by saying I have indeed read the FAQ and extended FAQ, but I'm interested in how developed your handling model will be.

On 12/08/2016 at 0:51 PM, JamesLuck01 said:

Expect driving in Identity to be realistic, much like Grand Theft Auto IV, not V. Players won't be able to survive crazy stunt jumps in Identity, and enough damage could disable your vehicle. Unfortunately however, we cannot easily do a damage model like you might expect to see in BeamNG. Damage has to be networked across the server, and we feel transmitting that much damage data could hurt performance.


You guys have worked very hard on your ballistics model and you've read a lot of documentation about it to make it as realistic as you possibly could have which is fantastic! but what attention are you giving to the handling of the various vehicles in the game? You guys should definitely look at Pacejka's Magic Formula when looking at developing a tyre model. Also have you considered looking at load transfer, sprung and unsprung mass, weight distrubution, center of mass height/location and all that kind of stuff?

I'm not expecting a simulator but it'll be nice to see the vehicles handle believably, especially when you've got wheel support. it would make the car chases interesting! Imagine having a taxi cab with a super loose suspension rolling from side to side as you cruise through streets, it would make mundane driving interesting as well.

Last question, since you can purchase vehicles as automatics or manuals, is clutch and h-shifter fully supported as well as clutch dynamics like the biting point etc, rolling from stop signs with nothing but the clutch would be pretty neat.

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I think I posted this in the wrong place. Can someone move this post to Tourism - Q&A? I can't delete this post from here. @HairyGrenade

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