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Hey! Need some money?

Well you've come to the right place.

Dollabank is a small company that wishes to contribute to the growth of economy by administering loans as well as giving interest payments to those who open accounts with us. If you need capital to start that business you've always wanted to run or you wish to make a long term, FDIC insured(pending) investment we provide plans and services for all of these and more! 

Here at Dollabank we know the value of money. We know the freedom it allows people to have and we know how important it is for consumers to have money. Money is so important, without it the world would stop turning!

Don't you hate it when you ask someone for money and they say no? Well at Dollabank this almost never happens! (unless you have a bad credit history). We value our industrious clients who contribute to the local economy by starting new businesses and creating competition, making everything better for the consumer.

Also, We're Hiring! See our post in the Job Bank for More Details.



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Hello i am Dino Clark and i am running for governor.

I will support your business plan, becuase we need more small banks focused on peoples banking and not major investments.

I hope you will support my campaign for a better economy and society.

Vote for hope vote for Dino.



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I'd be quite happy to store my money at your bank, I don't want the government to take away my hard earned dru- I mean legally obtained money.

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