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Found 2 results

  1. Dollabank Job Listing

    Accountant: Keeping track of all of our clients accounts is no easy task. Although we are a small LLC we expect to have several sources of open debit or credit. As an accountant, it is your job to make sure that all this money and dept is kept track of. Without you, our business would surely fail. This position is all about trust. You will start with a few small accounts and work your way up to more and larger accounts. As an accountant you will make a set salary paid out daily based on the amount and size of accounts you manage. Salesman: Salesmen are the face of the company. As a salesperson it is your job to strike deals with the citizens of Identity. You will then write down and transfer the details of the contract made with clients and give this information to the accountants to keep track of. A great deal of charisma is required to fulfill this position. You are what the world sees first of our company. As a salesmen you will make a commission based off of the size and the amount of accounts you open. An option is available to take a salary with a smaller commission, but this is optional. Debt Collector/Repo: We run a peaceful business here at Dollabank. Here our employees abide by the law and handle currency. Violence is not in our nature. Here at Dollabank our way of violently collecting a loan is simply to deny you credit. However we realize that once people have money they seldom want to give it up. Especially if they just bought a new car or house. However, people also forget, that the money used to buy that house or car, wasn't theirs. If someone uses money that isn't theirs to buy a new house or a car, that house or car isn't theirs. If you work in repo it is your job to make sure that everyone really owns what they claim to and if they don't, fix it. Please PM uncannierlink with your application if you wish to work for Dollabank.
  2. DollaBank

    Hey! Need some money? Well you've come to the right place. Dollabank is a small company that wishes to contribute to the growth of economy by administering loans as well as giving interest payments to those who open accounts with us. If you need capital to start that business you've always wanted to run or you wish to make a long term, FDIC insured(pending) investment we provide plans and services for all of these and more! Here at Dollabank we know the value of money. We know the freedom it allows people to have and we know how important it is for consumers to have money. Money is so important, without it the world would stop turning! Don't you hate it when you ask someone for money and they say no? Well at Dollabank this almost never happens! (unless you have a bad credit history). We value our industrious clients who contribute to the local economy by starting new businesses and creating competition, making everything better for the consumer. Also, We're Hiring! See our post in the Job Bank for More Details.