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Who are we?

Papa's Pies is a group of stores located in central places such as malls, the plaza and high streets. 

We pride ourselves on our signature pies made from freshly farmed ingredients and cooked with our very own recipes, we also sell beverages and other baked goods such as cupcakes and birthday cakes.

Why make this company?

The owner of our company, John Mariano who was born and raised by his Italian parents right here on this island was inspired by his mother who made the best apple pie anyone has ever tasted. John used to eat those apple pies every sunday evening at the table with his parents and he started helping make his mother's secret recipe. John is passionate about baking and invested in a company that he could take part in what he loves.

Do you need employees?

Here at Papa's Pies we don't need that many employees and at the moment we are only really looking for:

-Someone to manage the register


-Farmers to buy fresh good from (apples for pies etc.)

What is our status at the moment?

At the moment we only own one shop but we are hoping to expand to malls, the plaza and town high streets. To accomplish this we need all the help and employees we can help.

Why should I go here?

Have you ever just wanted to relax and get a nice camomile tea with a bit of pie and kick back and relax underneath an awning sitting on a comfortable chair with the sunlight in your face? this is what we are trying to achieve, a peaceful meal that's enjoyable. 

What do you serve so far?

So far we serve:



-Tea, Coffee

-Baked goods such as cupcakes etc.

-ice cream.


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