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Will player created art (books or pictures) be available in all servers?

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Wondering if anyone knows how this will work. I'll focus my question in the official servers, although nothing wrong if you have comments about private ones, either known facts or your thoughts.

If I paint a canvas, I can submit the picture it to the art gallery. Usually only one copy (that is, the original one) exists in the entire universe in RL. Seems like it will exist in the server where I painted/submitted it. This makes sense, although it is also a bit limiting, because there could be many people interested in the picture accross all servers.

There will be a library too (at the time of writing this post, it is already working in the development side). It will have public domain classics available for everyone. But I can write a book too. Different from pictures, there are usually many copies of a book (I can imagine that, for simplicity, there will be 'infinite' copies of a book). Will player written books be replicated in all servers?


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