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    I hope TIde pods....Oh sorry I meant Gulp pods are on the emnu
  2. I support this project to the fullest extent and the thought of getting a refund has not even come close to crossing my mind but that definition of pledge is a little bit nonsensical even for me. At this point in time ppl have all the rights to start feeling upset(not saying that I am) because of the lack of communication from the devs and we aren't lucky to be allowed to try the alpha it was something they promised when they asked for our money pledging is a 2 way street never forget that . Im not asking for a full release date but it certainly would not kill them to release a video showing more than what they had in the previous one and hopefully a bit longer as well.
  3. go to bed

    I work on a cruise ship and I am actually done my contract at the end of this month. So you can imagine how slow time will flow for me especially when you consider that I've been away from home for a few months. P.S Internet sucks on the ship your best bet is when you reach shore find a McDonalds with free wifi and do what u need
  4. Car dealerships

    I think it would add to the realism if we had car dealers specializing in different types of car
  5. RV Usage

    Or u could be one of those hillbillies im not gonna tell you how to live ur life
  6. RV Usage

    I feel that they should make the RV have a bit more use than just meth else cops will prolly just tail an RV and see where it stops which takes away from the realism. A suggestion would be to make them liveable, not the meth one but have other RVs that ppl can use to live in temporarily

    I expect another year of delay
  8. Release date?

    GTA V is a horrible analogy to prove your point. They announced the released date when they unveiled the game and there were no delays, you could play the game when it came out, its just the online part that took a few extra days to go up but Im not going to count that as a delay because historically GTA is a game that people play for the story and open world, the online is something extra.This is clearly not the case here because as @Timmeht1 mentionned this game has been through a crap ton of delays.
  9. Townsquare module

    Decades* it used to be end of may when end June will come it will become September.....Don't give estimates just wait thats all u can do
  10. Analysis about the age of users

    I just turned 6 wanna be best friends or am i too young
  11. Users with mic

    I asked this question a while back becuz I feel u sometimes i prefer to type than to talk (mostly when watching netflix and playing). Im sure you will be able to type if u prefer
  12. Skiing?

    Living on the mountain will be part of the game that 100% certain(maybe not in town square module though). Skiing may be added later but as of now I haven't heard much about it, same goes for the ski lodge.
  13. Poll of the average age.

    im 6 years old
  14. Hello Identity!

    Welcome to Identity mate release of the first module is close so sit tight and enjoy. If you just joined checkout the housing overview on youtube its amazing
  15. Dying in Identity

    Costs associated with healthcare....That stuff is all free in Canada....And thats about where the pros end.... :'(