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So I was thinking about different jobs there could be and as I thought more about it, I came to this conclusion:

Sure we could have a list of jobs like any other game might have, but how do you make it more specific? more unique?

Herein lies my idea:

Make different jobs have different content available for players to use.

For example, say there is a barbershop or hairsalon job. The only way players could change their hairstyles and change their hair types is to purchase services by a player who's job or business is a barbershop or hairsalon. The player who runs a barbershop or hairsalon as job would gain a job tree that makes it so they can provide haircuts and hair styles to the rest of the population.

Just my first thought on it. The barbershop was just a simple example... but this idea could be applied to many different jobs and make them more relevant and useful to players that don't want to just stand and chop wood or something... nothing wrong with that, but variety is nice :)

What does everyone else think?

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I am actually wondering how weapon crafting will be handled personally, in my mindyou would start in a small workshop limited to small caliber handguns and you would have to grow into a factory and so on 


It s a bit hard for me to see how you can craft goods and how to make jobs around player customisation such as plastic surgery, tattoos or haircuts 

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@ST_Helios You have some good ideas and good points being made. 

My idea was that the for certain aspects of player customization, different options could be specific to, for example: a barber. A player would have to go to a barber for different hairstyle customization options cause the barber, as part of his job tree, would provide the options players could choose from for their customization. It all has to do with roleplaying different jobs and careers and the barber is only a simple example. 

I hope that helps explain the concept of my idea. 

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