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If "getting protection" from gangs or families that protest to ally with you and thus "insure the safety of you and your family" doesn't intrigue you, players should be given the option to purchase life insurance. Possibly from the state or this could be another business opportunity? In the untimely event of your death, your selected insurance package would kick in and you'd be given a statement of affairs: value of insurance paid to you, value of items on person, and even value paid to you/your Estate upon the successful conviction of the murderer.

Insurance options should be available to those who want to live a trouble free life, if they can afford it.

A    Full life coverage (a high weekly/monthly premium that revives you after 30 minutes, spawning at your apartment, then distributes the amount of your life insurance plus market value of items on you)
B    Death only (revives you after 30 minutes spawning you at your apartment and distributes your life insurance amount) 
C    Medical only (revives you after 30 minutes in spawn spot, kind of like raising the dead)

Players can only be eligible for payout of their insurance claims after a certain time, however if death were to occur before the eligibility date; their total premiums would be reimbursed in full. After you've claimed on insurance because of your death, you'd have to take out a brand new insurance policy and go through the wait period to be eligible again.


Insuring your home and contents (cars, clothing, phones and other items) will ensure that in the case of a break in, home invasion, theft or accident - you can be assured your home and contents are covered. Full market values of home and contents returned to the player - however, if the player is suspected of fraud, by organising a robbery of their home to claim on insurance, will be investigated by the insurance company (or Police)?

Same weekly/monthly premiums as life insurance..

These are just ideas... would love to discuss more!

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