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Can you consider adding sports like soccer 1 basketball 2 football 3. And also can you make the teams and leagues player managed and owned. Full customization of uniforms stadium ticket prices you can watch game at the arena or television or pc. Different arenas so forth.

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I think I see what you're saying here, @fanchum102. So basically, (with money and permission of course), you can use it to own/start a franchise/club and then possibly hire managers that can recruit players and then a team league can be started depending on the sport. Following that, citizens could watch the live games on their television or possibly pay tickets to see the game up close at the stadium/arena? 

I have a feeling this won't be an available feature initially when the game comes out but I hope I am wrong on this insight. Could possibly work but I think at first it would not be player owned, rather teams/leagues owned by the developers/(goverment?). 

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