Birthday (in-game character)

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I couldn't find (with search) in the faq's , but if it is indeed already

suggested or mentioned i do apologize...


I think it would be great to implement a birthday (character create day) ,

Like in Guild Wars 2 , (and probably other games) but i know it from GW2.


Basicly , each year just like in RL , your character has a birthday, and in gw2 for example,

you then get some minor rewards, in forms of consumable temporarly buffs or boosters and/or currency , items , etc..... (with maybe each year increasing the characters reward with the birthday (create day).


Daily login rewards and daily tasks that gives you a minor reward when completing them or some of them, would also be a great implementation.

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this aint sims lmao, plan a birthday party invite friends over an hav a good time talk, get your character fucked up, etc.. 

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