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  1. It's a super simple thing to do and it will make your game look much more professional the fact you still have the default icon of unreal engine it's super ridiculous If you need help to do it you can find it in this link:
  2. 💯 New Malden Life Server 💯

    Custom Malden Map - Added Malden Bridge Crossing - Added Malden Island Border Checkpoint - Added Chop Shop Area's with built up rocks and stairs for hight acsess - Added 3 Diffrent Rebel Zones (2 spawnable (North Island and East) and 1 seperate (West)) - Added Redesigned Le Port - Added Custom built NHS and Police stations 2 Levels of Rebel - Added Rebel Level (2 Mill + Level 5) - Added Advanced Level (15 Mill + Level 15) Bank Located On Ship - Added Static explorable ship - Added Multiple acsess ladders to areas on ship - Added Bank Vault - Added Built up Rock Barrier + Fortifications with acsess - Added Located in a bay that will keep combat out of the general pop - Added Money Launder and Currency Exchange Custom Runs - Added All runs hand placed most with added buildings - Added Runs balanced on reward - Added DvD Run - Pick up Dvds then create films at the Porn Factory (Illigal Run) and return them back to the DvD shop (Easy Peasy) - Added Added helicopter runs (With sling load boxes) - Added Oil as a ONLY heli run (Illigal) - Added Removed need for PickAxe.. Just need licence Custom Textures - Added 10 x Civ Clothes - Added 15 x Civ Car Skins - Added 5 x Police Clothes - Added 20 x Polcie Veh Skins - Added 50+ Custom Icons - Added 3 x NHS Clothes - Added 7 x NHS Veh Skins - Added 6 x Reb Only Veh Skins Many Scripts and Changes - Added Custom XP system - Added Custom UI - Added Civ Action Menu (Show emotes, gestures and stances) - Added Police deployables menu - Added Bounty Hunter (Not active yet until i deam comunity is ready for it and RP rules have been fully understood) - Added Sit on chair script - Added View police database at every police HQ - Added Gear restrictions - Added Bleed out and incapacitated (5 min unable to respawn to prevent killing self) - Added Capture sector (Gives extra XP and Cash boost to gang in command) - Added All AI has been changed into signs or processing units - Added Laptops with Warrent database (Civs can use unless caught) added to each PD - Added 3D signs and Names - Added Above head icons and positions for NHS and Police - Added Custom Jail (Can only break out if you are picked up by heli) - Added Custom lights and sounds too EMS - Alot more... Will add too this as and when we keep updating the mission Easy too follow RP Rules - Added Rules added to the in game map menu as well as all key bindings New database / New server New Malden Life server please join it is really fun IP: PORT:2302
  3. Malden Life server please join it is really fun IP: PORT:2302
  4. It will be cool if we can have a Arcade machine in cinema with a small mini game in it that players will can try out and maybe do that you can even put it inside your apartment
  5. Make a better live stream

    Also i want to say one more thing When you have show the town square you said in the end that you have to go pick up your daughter or something like this that is also unprofessional If you need help making a more professional live stream i will love to help for free
  6. VS Tips for how you can improve 1.Show your face maybe that way we can develop more trust in you and your game 2.Stop talking so much on what your going to add talk more on what is coming out soon like a one months or less 3.Don't show us in the backround someone working on a 3D model no one want this that it's fucking boring to watch if you want to show how you work on models make speed art videos that show how your working on it from start to finsh but super fast 4.Make a nice backround for your room with things from your game it can be cool things like sea of thieves did or just simple thing like a big poster on the wall with the logo of the game just fucking do something I hope the devs will read this post it is super important for them and for us the players so we can keep our trust on this game
  7. Birthday (in-game character)

    +1 Yeah that can grate for RP
  8. Add a flag on the town hall building

    The new flags in the PD looks grate