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  About Us

Have you ever been to a nightclub? We assure you that you haven't been to one like this. Nova represents the peak of the night life, outshining and rising up against all the competition. We guarantee a night of escapism, excitement and amazement. Providing the best, most popular Dance, House and Techno tracks with our in house DJ, we are the only venue to consider for your nightlife. With very late closing times you can lose yourself to the night and forget the stresses of reality as you indulge in some of the best experiences life has to offer. Our bar is fully stocked and the drink never stops flowing. So what are you waiting for? Join us at Nova and Bring On The Night!



Our Website

Please visit our website below for more information about us:



Below are some typical examples of the types of music you can expect to find within our establishment. We will take requests from our customers on certain nights. You can find a selection of genres such as House, Dance, Electronic, Trap, Dubstep, Grime and Rap below. Feel free to follow our SoundCloud playlist which is regularly updated.






At Nova we pride ourselves on the freedom of our customers. You will not find many rules within our premises. There are however a few exceptions:


  • Standard laws apply. Failure to adhere to the law will involve suspension from the premises and the authorities being called
  • Illegal drugs are not to be consumed on the premises
  • No firearms or weapons are to be taken into the premises
  • Fighting with other customers may invoke suspension from the premises
  • Vomiting, whilst not against any rules, is strongly advised against
  • No fighting/arguing with the bouncers


Apart from these very few rules, the possibilities at Nova are endless. Bring On The Night


Our Bar



This is what you can expect our bar to look like. It will stock a variety of popular drinks/beverages for all of our customers. There will be special events such as happy hour on certain days at certain times. As you can see, the architecture of our premises is by far some of the best in the nightlife scene.


The VIP Lounge


For an extra fee, a VIP wristband may be purchased. This will grant the wearer access to the VIP lounge which includes a booth, private music, a private bar and table service. We also provide all of our VIP wristband holders a free drink as an act of courtesy.




We offer a range of merchandise advertising our famous logo in a variety of colours. Here is an example of the items that can be purchased from our establishment. All of our merchandise is unisex and comes in a range of sizes.





NOVA T-Shirt [Black, White, Grey, Red, Green, Blue]





NOVA Polo [Black, White, Grey, Red, Green, Blue]




NOVA Hoodie [Galaxy, Black, White, Grey]




NOVA Cap [Black, White, Grey]




NOVA Beanie [Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue]




Current Positions

CEO - BreadlyHovis

Manager - 0/2

Bar Staff - 0/5

Table Staff - 0/3

DJ - 0/2

Doorman/Bouncer - 0/2

Security - 0/3



Please contact BreadlyHovis if you are interested in any of these roles and wish to join us! Alternatively, you can visit our website at



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Very nice! Remember to keep updating this and spreading the word. Maybe even make a Discord channel! :)

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