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5 hours ago, Preston_bodhi_343 said:

And this is just it. 

You think because there's a group of people who follow you that you'll all of a sudden become a big crime syndicate that has control of the map. People aren't wanting to play identity so they can have some biker gang tell them what's what, they want to play identity so they can actually roleplay a second life. The problem is you're taking things from gta and having the same attitude/ outlook. Yes you can roleplay a criminal but there's a big difference between role-playing a criminal and just waltzing into identity thinking you own everything. 

As far as holding you all goes what do you think prisons are for? The fact you're on here bragging about how you're going to kill people who disrespect you tells me that in game you're just going to go round griefing and causing trouble which will get you in prison. I can assure you there are more genuine players who will be in the police. You guys won't be millionaires and you're having a laugh if you think you're going to make millions within a few days like gta so why you think you'll just be able to pay off the police i don't know. Doesn't matter anyway because frankly people like me will be playing on servers where things like this won't happen.


you bring a great point up, even if they bribe officers i feel like they will take the money and snitch. hope to see you ingame and hopefully join the police force and take down some gangies


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11 minutes ago, toxins said:

you bring a great point up, even if they bribe officers i feel like they will take the money and snitch



They've got it in their heads that they'll be able to magically come up with vast amounts of money and that every police officer will just take a bribe. On 9/10 servers 9/10 players will genuinely ignore bribes as the whole point of role-playing a police officer is to bring criminals to justice. This is what I mean by typical GTA children who think identity is the same and this is why I specifically mentioned in a different post that this game shouldn't be for children because the usual call of duty and GTA kiddies will be on here thinking it's the ok coral.

I'm not phased by this so called biker gang whatsoever Because it's just a bunch of children coming from Grand theft auto. Any mature and serious role-player would not have the attitude of " this is my town and I'll kill anyone who disrespects me" for real take that childish ass mentality out of here or go and spend most of your time in prison I don't care either way as like I said, I'm going to be spending my time on a server/ servers where this can't happen.

Said it once and I'll say it again, if you aren't a mature role-player then identity isn't for you. If you want to be some big bad ass biker gang that thinks it's sons of anarchy then go back to GTA and keep playing that and let us enjoy our fun instead of trying to ruin it for everyone else. ( Let's be honest you're just acting like dictators thinking you'll own everything which I can assure you if that's what you want then go host your own server and play privately with your friends. )

Far as I'm concerned I'm done with this thread, one thing to make a point about how you like to role-play but for real this is just a bunch of kids saying I'll have my way or I'll kill people, rockstar article or not you're just children acting out and most of us don't care and aren't intimidated so good luck with that plan if yours. 


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