Now hiring! New leadership at Supreme (March Press release)

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Press release:

We've had a tumultuous week here at Supreme Identity. Our old CEO known as "Supremeleader" on the forums, has stepped down from his position as CEO. This transfer of power is merely a bump in the road. We here at Supreme Identity, under new ownership, will be creating and sharing new content monthly, and giving back to the Identity community. Supreme Identity is here to stay, we are one of oldest corporations, and we plan continuing that legacy


New leadership:

Our new CEO is Jack Clasen (JackC on the forums). Jack has been with us for half a year, and was the COO under the previous CEO. We have been undergoing a company restructuring, which has worked flawlessly thus far.



Clothing concepts:

Our first monthly concept is here! This is just a sneak peak of all the crazy concepts we have cooked up here at Supreme Identity.






My name is Jack Clasen, and as you may know, I am the CEO of a street-wear clothing line called Supreme™, which is a chain that originates in NYC back in April 1994.

Website: http://supremeclothing.co.nf/_about_.html


We are now hiring qualified Marketing and Human resource specialists


  • - Marketing
  • -Human Resources
  • Qualifications:
  • Must be 15+ year old
  • Must have working microphone
  • Must attend monthly meetings
  • Must have some understanding of job
  • Must be active



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Wish you all the sucess under your new leadership. Love the new concepts, I'll be pre-ordering the black and red tee!

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