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Hey All,

My name is Jack, I come from the UK and nearing 20 years old in just one month! I've been gaming for many years and very much a lot of PC gaming at that too. But it doesn't hurt to do some console gaming now and again. One of the main games I have played during the last couple of years would be Garry's Mod. Over 2000 hours and do I feel ashamed by that? A little yes, but my time on that game has been slightly productive! Anyways, I found the game on Facebook and it really interested me a lot. I've always wanted a true and perhaps proper roleplaying game which isn't Garry's Mod, perhaps isn't too strict but strict enough to keep the game fun. I loved the huge world and videos that I have seen about this game and I am betting my money on this game which I why I am gonna be buying access to Beta when that becomes available.

I don't really have much to say at the moment since I am writing this at a near 3 AM in the morning. So I am happy to meet you all and I cannot wait to play this game! Feel free to ask questions if you wanna know about me via response or PM if you are able to do that on here.

Toodle Loo!

- MadJack

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Welcome Jack!

Please ensure you have a look at the FAQ's linked in my signature and also the twitch clip directory has some awesome info you would not like to miss out upon!

Enjoy your stay here.

Best regards,


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Hello and welcome Mad, we are all curious how it will be.
was you most interested?
Do you want to be a police officer? Managing Director? or rather
a mafia family member?
I hope we can help each other! :)

sincerely Snake


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