Congratiolations! 1.000.000$

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The budget is finally shapeing together proper. With the assests they have produced and we have seen so far, this is an important milestone. That also insures the quality we all hope to see. Proveing that we as gamers are able to stick together and fund the games that we want. I have been dying to see an RP game like this build from the ground up, and finally, it is shaping up to become a reality. Keep up the awsome development and Ill keep sharing the game with others as it desveres :).

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2 hours ago, Watermashen said:

1 million to make scuffed animation ;)

I can't tell if you're mocking Asylum about their latest video. But the one million is their budget, that's not what they spent. Also the animations were "quickly" made, and ironically they had troubles with those before they could make it work. According to one of the streams, the animations aren't all that hard to make, but it's to make them blend together so it looks smooth.

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