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  1. Nobody knows. But I would assume the muzzle, cuz they aiming for realism.
  2. The "Suny" TV can be placed on one of the small black cabinet.
  3. I don't see any RolePlaying in the game!!!!

    @GeazzyJust like modded life servers, you're are gonna have to wait for whitelistet communties. Until then 80% of the community are semi- or non-roleplayers so you won't have the best experience unless you find a group to play with.
  4. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    9am-5pm CST. so in 6 to 12 hours @Pinkieseb

    Kinda, but we have seen everything that will be in TS so there is'nt really much else to get excited about.
  6. the music in identity

    Hmm people could maybe make their own radio station and play music through their mic's or set it up to play directly of the internet. If a station got popular it could take money for advertising for diffenrent companies n stuff.
  7. the music in identity

    Not in your car, they have said that only radiostations will be played there. You will have to use a virtual cabel and play the music through. In apartments and houses you will probably be able to play whatever is on the internet.
  8. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    Always believed in you guys. Cant wait to finnaly get a first look at this game.
  9. Totally agree Town Sqaure is the foundation of the game. Dont want them releasing it with bugs in the housing system.
  10. Congratiolations! 1.000.000$

    @facade After... obviously.
  11. @Ferleros Where can i find the map?
  12. Congratiolations! 1.000.000$

    The budget is finally shapeing together proper. With the assests they have produced and we have seen so far, this is an important milestone. That also insures the quality we all hope to see. Proveing that we as gamers are able to stick together and fund the games that we want. I have been dying to see an RP game like this build from the ground up, and finally, it is shaping up to become a reality. Keep up the awsome development and Ill keep sharing the game with others as it desveres :).