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Found 1 result

  1. For the last few months I have been in and out of these forums complaining that this game was a sham, scam, and then some. I was wrong.... whoah!! calm down dagtag and Preston_bodhi_343 !! This is not a dream! In fact I woke up...... Quick simple truth: There is simply no proof this is a scam even if there is no product. Who am I to say otherwise. Long and detailed truth: After sleeping in bed last night on my actions and words I have realized how wrong I was to simply assume this was a scam. As a developer I sit for days at times locked away in my cave hidden from the world just programing and listing to dub-step. It truly is a lot of work, it takes passion, skill, and a LOT of time and patience with plenty of obstacles. When I woke up I saw the light..... Who am I to take that away from the developers of this game? How wrong I was and who I am not. Ill tell you who I am not... I am not somebody that takes away hard work from somebody who spent countless hours learning, creating, and developing something like this. I am somebody who encourages other developers to create new things, and to expand on there knowledge, Ive done that my whole life, but yet here I am the last few months accusing these developers of being a scam just because I ran out of patience, whether it be days, weeks, months, or in this case years. I am not the judge nor jury, nor should I act like one. It is true, this project have received over a million bucks, taken many years to this point, this game may, or may not ever be published !!.. BUT honestly, it is actually part of game development, trust me, Ive developed plenty of nothings even after a year or so more in development I have scrapped games, and If anybody should know that the most it is me. Game development is hit and miss. Truly a Risky business. So I will apologize to these developers, I will not take away there hard work just because there is no product yet. Instead I want to thank them for the inspiration of this game, giving us hope that It could one day exist, even if it never does. If this game fails, perhaps I may take on this type of project my self, It actually Sounds like a lot of fun and I am more than capable of achieving a game like this. (If you have not noticed yet, I have never been good at modesty;)) Annnywayyyys....... Thank you for Identity, I found mine. -MadApples