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    LOL - to funny. Seriously, Something is far better than nothing. I'm exited for the first time!
  2. The Steam page is UP!

    I lift up my head from a 4 year slumber... "huh? what you say son?" I stretch out my arms with a spark of excitement but not yet sure what I just herd. Then suddenly I look around the room, so many others still in there slumber... Wait... did we just get a real live publish date of a real product??! Is this real life? Am I dreaming this?! Each new questions brings even more excitement as I hop out of my slumber.!!!
  3. Steam page comming up today, apparently

    Ha ha, true that, and I'm pretty sure "something" will go wrong, "something" will be delayed, and I am betting this is yet another delay attempt in the making. lol. Lets see if I'm right I will say this however, if it ever does get published, I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of excitement.
  4. Where does everyone align politically?

    I think you misunderstood Forcedchaos . He is talking about real life politics. In-game politics should be and is part of the game, that I can agree with. Personally I think we should keep the civil war that separates our country in half with this "Trump haters" vs "Clinton/Obama haters" out of a game that we fictitiously play in and want to be part of to enjoy the game.(If we ever can...)
  5. Where does everyone align politically?

    In real life, I never talk politics to nobody. I keep my thoughts to my self, its not a good idea to talk politics, especially in the days of today. That being said, I do believe in in-game politics that has nothing to do with the real world and maintaining a non-bias attitude.
  6. You see Mr.Mog? it would be impossible to make a Nigerian princes happy, my relationship wouldn't last long, and java would still be my true love.
  7. I happen to to like all cultures of many types, and wouldn't mind making any one of them happy, after all I do need a girlfriend.
  8. For the last few months I have been in and out of these forums complaining that this game was a sham, scam, and then some. I was wrong.... whoah!! calm down dagtag and Preston_bodhi_343 !! This is not a dream! In fact I woke up...... Quick simple truth: There is simply no proof this is a scam even if there is no product. Who am I to say otherwise. Long and detailed truth: After sleeping in bed last night on my actions and words I have realized how wrong I was to simply assume this was a scam. As a developer I sit for days at times locked away in my cave hidden from the world just programing and listing to dub-step. It truly is a lot of work, it takes passion, skill, and a LOT of time and patience with plenty of obstacles. When I woke up I saw the light..... Who am I to take that away from the developers of this game? How wrong I was and who I am not. Ill tell you who I am not... I am not somebody that takes away hard work from somebody who spent countless hours learning, creating, and developing something like this. I am somebody who encourages other developers to create new things, and to expand on there knowledge, Ive done that my whole life, but yet here I am the last few months accusing these developers of being a scam just because I ran out of patience, whether it be days, weeks, months, or in this case years. I am not the judge nor jury, nor should I act like one. It is true, this project have received over a million bucks, taken many years to this point, this game may, or may not ever be published !!.. BUT honestly, it is actually part of game development, trust me, Ive developed plenty of nothings even after a year or so more in development I have scrapped games, and If anybody should know that the most it is me. Game development is hit and miss. Truly a Risky business. So I will apologize to these developers, I will not take away there hard work just because there is no product yet. Instead I want to thank them for the inspiration of this game, giving us hope that It could one day exist, even if it never does. If this game fails, perhaps I may take on this type of project my self, It actually Sounds like a lot of fun and I am more than capable of achieving a game like this. (If you have not noticed yet, I have never been good at modesty;)) Annnywayyyys....... Thank you for Identity, I found mine. -MadApples
  9. A rant about the ranters

    c# is extremely similar after moving from c#, when I found java, I fell in love with the syntax. This is probably why I don't currently have a girl friend..
  10. A rant about the ranters

    That's awesome, and its great to see somebody expand there languages like you are doing. As you probably have noticed, once you learn one language, other languages become easy to learn.
  11. "scam babies" ? Is that the new term for you people ? LOL I love it! But lets try and be adults and not name call the majority of us so that I can actually take you seriously, huh? I am here because of my investment. Its true I don't care about the $60 I invested a few years ago, and still with out a product to play.. But by god, I'm going to make sure i get my share of my $60 in these forums So go sit back down and don't tell me how I should spend my time. (In other words, treat me with the same respect I gave you.) And its true I feel like this is a total sham, scam, what ever you wish to call it as you claim I do, well not only me, but a lot of users... look around the forums... and yes there is a lot of us, that are more than agitated by the very long delays, and by the way its been handled , and you don't approve of our opinions ? Is this what you say to everybody ? Is this the professionalism you wish to convey? So what your saying is, we are not allowed to voice our concern after years of our money vanished with out a product, because you and your goonies think we should be more patient? OOOKK then, i got ya Not sure what world your from tho... Its people like you who actually confirm that this is simply a scam. At least dagtag made more sense than you. Have you read my above post in response to DagTag? before you came along I kind of gave him the benefit of doubt by expressing its possible it was simply poor development choices rather than a scam... but NO, here you are stirring the pot... proving otherwise. Good job!
  12. A rant about the ranters

    Im not going to look, but I bet at least they have a product....
  13. A rant about the ranters

    Ok(dagtag) , Fresh meet here, come and eat...
  14. A rant about the ranters

    C# was my first object oriented language I moved on after I found out Microsoft is no longer supporting xna. I then went to c++ but did not like the syntax, and then learned java. I love java now!!!! unlike c#/xna i don't have to use mono.. OH, i got a joke for you.... .. bad geek joke i made up... read at your own risk.... What is C ? its combined, but some think console. So what is C2? well its c++ (c=c+1) Ok.. so what is C3? wait i know.. a drunk programmer fell face first on his keyboard and found the #(number 3 key) and called it c#. ____ edit: fixed speling mistackes abuv....^^ <--- yea, wat kond of programor am i, Cont even spel!!
  15. A rant about the ranters

    Awesome, Currently Java and android here, you ?