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Found 2 results

  1. forget every Friday. don't be like fortnight, push stuff out as soon as it can be available. this game will sink and fail quietly with all the money poured in if it doesn't get any money NOW. with games like this you need to be getting your stuff out there as soon as you can, because the steam store only has 500 reviews. if you look on the steam reviews the main consensus is that for four years and thousands of dollars coming in nothing has been made. stop taking breaks, stop putting it on pause, and make sure everyone isn't browsing Facebook and twiddling their dicks thumbs all day. get the ball rolling, nobody cares about your twitter. by now you should have at least a basic on what everything you have pitched, and you are only building on it. THERE ARENT EVEN GUNS, you know that 45% of the pitch? it need to be done. before it sinks. and if you really did this for money like what a lot of people have said MAKE A GOOD GAME, MONEY WILL FLOOD YOU IF ITS AS GOOD AS THE PITCH. last note, to anyone who only spews good stuff about the game right now, or keeps putting ideas in the dev's ideas in this state fuck you
  2. Hi, I haven't posted in a while (almost about a year) I see that the progress is now at 89%, they are so close! I still have not invested in the game and will hold out until the final released or the paid beta. Anyway, my question: How will the weapons in the game be categorized? Like Real Life? Machine Gun, Pistol, and Rifle (going with what the US ATF considers each therefore an Uzi would be considered a automatic pistol). Or with your own categories. Also would the guns in the game be based off real guns, the real guns, or totally made up. To me I would prefer if the guns were real name, fire rate, recoil, etc. Also will there be world modification say if I wanted to blow up a bridge in the game to stop a convoy of illegal contraband from crossing it, could I and would the bridge be gone until a highway crew fixed it? Also will there be Chainsaws to cut down trees? Pepper spray to stun a player with bad intentions? This has been about more than weapons, but this stuff matters.