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Found 2 results

  1. now what does this mean, this is the thing most of the time people want to change the world with laws knowing that under the laws theres humans who need more help, yeah yeah !!! thats why theres CIA< FBI,CSI, etc but we better they solve the big problems we solve them from the inside, knowing connections , people , stats, the over drive of having something new without existence be created now, for this i want team members, also i dont know how to get us paid for traveling but i will figure it out just give me a chance , hear me out i been struggling long enough i know its not any of the worlds business but how can i change the world and people, and speak, spread, the youth, please understand that its a dream with little secretes, hopes with a small nature, turning no to yes lets do it, with a chance i assure that if my plan to have team members of 6 to travel to different states and change the world by traveling everywhere and seeing the insights of people, the conections they have , change the world trough the inside , not out
  2. So I was thinking that not everybody wants a motorbike if they have pledged that much and might a car instead or in my case, I have pledged enough money so that I get the one bedroom apartment but I don't want that one I would much prefer the studio apartment. So what you could do is let people who have paid for multiple packages chose what they want so in my case I would be able to pick between a rusted car, an old dirt bike and a used motorcycle for what vehicle I would be given when I get into the game and also be able to choose between a studio apartment or a one bedroom aperment and so on for anything that is unlocked in the higher packages.