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Found 2 results

  1. So I was thinking that not everybody wants a motorbike if they have pledged that much and might a car instead or in my case, I have pledged enough money so that I get the one bedroom apartment but I don't want that one I would much prefer the studio apartment. So what you could do is let people who have paid for multiple packages chose what they want so in my case I would be able to pick between a rusted car, an old dirt bike and a used motorcycle for what vehicle I would be given when I get into the game and also be able to choose between a studio apartment or a one bedroom aperment and so on for anything that is unlocked in the higher packages.
  2. A arcade?

    I got this idea from the off topic part of the forums but how about a arcade for people to play in with high scores, tickets and prizes. people could buy places in the town and turn into a arcade. the arcades would be expensive as it would cost a big amount for the arcade machines. tickets and prizes would be optional and could be what makes a arcade better then it's competitors. plus if there was a high amount of arcades, this could mean that you don't have arcade game that people want to play leading to more competition for money between arcades. this would also give other players different jobs and provide entertainment for players in the server.