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  1. Elysium VR

    If you guys own a VR headset, I recently came across a game that I've always dreamed of for VR and I wanted to share it with you all. Basically this game is a RP/GTA like game that will be massively multiplayer holding as much as 500+ people per server! Everyone will have their own jobs to do (Police,EMS,Fire, Criminal, ect.) and if none of the jobs are filled they will be filled with npcs. Basically this game will be the identity of VR. The features that are planned for this game are sick, in one of the videos I will link below it shows an in game apartment that has a working youtube player tv and a working system of security cameras! The level of detail that the devs want to achieve is awesome and since it is in the low poly art style they can do so much more for immersion than with graphics that push the limit. The alpha will be released soon and full release on steam and PSVR will be Fall 2018. Here's some videos! Elysium VR Elysium VR Promo #1 Gun Mechanic Improvements Helicopter Chase Helicopter Controls Car Mechanics
  2. Games like Identity

    There is a game called Elysium VR that is going to be close to identity but in VR. I already donated to it since full release is set for Fall 2018. I believe it will be mouse and keyboard as well but I may be wrong. 1st Promo for the game
  3. Good Day

    Glad to see you here
  4. Radio Station

    I'm starting up my own political/music station even if we dont get paid id take donations
  5. Ugh, I'm so bad at this.

    Not gonna lie that pig mask is pretty brutal looking \m/
  6. What's your Steam account?
  7. Dev Blog #008

    It's coming along nicely guys! Thank you devs for all the hard work, know that the community appreciates it. I know some people are getting a bit impatient with the time its taking but I've come to realize that no matter how much we bicker it isn't going to speed things up at all, so the only thing to do is keep encouraging the devs to keep pushing.
  8. I agree that would make a pretty neat gameplay mechanic, welcome to the forums by the way
  9. Meth will be in the game I know for sure and more than likely marijuana. That being said needles and bongs are almost guaranteed I'd say.
  10. I don't believe cops and other government departments can get "days off" per say. I think the option to quit your job and RP a day or days off could be possible but other than that I don't think so.
  11. Sex

    I mean In my honest opinion what would be the point of sex in this game if there are no possibility to have offspring? I mean yeah there is RP but I think that is a tad bit time consuming with no gain.
  12. I'm shy, please come say hi

    Welcome to the community, glad to see you here!
  13. Immigrating from Scotland!

    Welcome good sir! Nice to see you here
  14. Religious Cult

    Sounds like a fun time, I'd join while off from my radio station.
  15. 96.2 The Political Partner

    Hi all, I am starting a radio station. I want to focus on Political News for the Island such as interviews with political leaders or candidates but I also want to host music so listeners don't get bored when no news is currently being talked about or an interview is not currently taking place. I hope to entertain you all over the radio waves and give my thoughts about the current political situation on the island in the coming future! Remember 96.2 is your hub for all the Islands Political News and Jams! WORK IN PROGRESS WEBSITE: If you have an AD for your brand etc, I would love to advertise for you! PM me a link to the mp3 of your radio ad or video ad and I will happily advertise it on my site, I will also mention your company on air. Thank you!