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  1. Police Force

    Hmm yea i see, but people who play as a police officer should know the rules what they can and cannot do, and shouldn't they be tested for that an official interview or training course to make it as steady as possible?
  2. Weapons

    Hello! what weapons will come in this game? what sort of weapons for the police force, criminals, civs. What sort of weapons will come out ? Melee weapons, long range, short range? What do you guys think or want in the game? Shout it out i want to know..
  3. Police Force

    How will you be able to sign up to join the police force? How will it work, interviews? Missions? Tell me.
  4. identity's currency

    Call it Crystals, let's make it MAGICAL.. Maybe?!
  5. Saxophones, Drums, trumpets, bassguitars, Imagine a big orcest in the middle of Town Square, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !