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  1. Hello! Just wondering can we smoke cigarettes in this game? I saw ashtray in one picture.
  2. Hello from Finland :)

    Tervetuloa vaan.
  3. But you can sleep in this game anyway?
  4. Just wondering what sleeping does to your character?
  5. Can u steal other player car if he forget to lock it or can u spreak a windows to get in?
  6. Just asking. That would put good realism to the game.
  7. Game?

    Then when?
  8. Hello From Finland!

    Greetings! Im from Finland too.
  9. Hello From Finland!

    U mean Q1? Sorry my stupidity
  10. Pizza Delivery?

    I want to be pizzaboy too. I probally be in EU server.if theres one.
  11. Hello from Finland

    Hello from Finland! I'm really excited about this game, I found it by chance on the Internet. Hype is high and waiting this game day by day.