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  1. Hello from germany

    Welcome/Sei gegrüßt!
  2. Do not forget us

    Look at this translator, maybe you like it, its a good one: https://www.deepl.com/es/translator
  3. Hello New Player Here

  4. Greetings from Scotland

  5. Prostitutes and sexual interactions

    In my opinion, sex can be implemented. However, safety precautions should be taken. It works e.g. only in the apartment, it works only with a small warning and double confirm. Since the game (at least in my country) will be from 18, this should not really be a problem. There would simply be more and more profound roleplay when this happens. As an alternative one could perhaps also do that as with the "Sims". Blanket on top, a few moves, and that's it.
  6. Hello from Poland ;)

    Hey Mark, welcome to the Forum!
  7. Who is still on for supporting this?

    I am 100% behind this game and will support it as best I can, but of course I will also criticize it, this is important for the developers to constantly improve.
  8. Hello from Portugal

    A really very detailed "hello" but that's cool! Welcome to the Forum
  9. Memes for Town Square Release

    But dont do it again.
  10. Memes for Town Square Release

  11. New Doctor in town. Obtained Passport 20/04/2018

    Welcome! Can I apply for a pension appointment? Let's do a prostate exam.
  12. Greetings all...

    @SkinnierSteveOh, that's right, I completely forgot! Sorry for this! Yesterday I happened to watch a documentary about white farmers in South Africa, which was interesting and shocking at the same time. But really cool to talk to many different people, because that way you can improve your English
  13. Greetings all...

    I can't believe how many people from different countries are here. From Europe, America to Australia everything is there. I welcome you to this forum and I hope you will (as we all hope) enjoy this game. Greetings from Germany!
  14. Memes for Town Square Release